Anti-government demonstrations worry Army Chief


Sisaket, 31 Oct 2013, Army Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha has expressed his worries about the current political uncertainty, while urging all demonstrators to abide by laws and regulations. 

During his visit in Sisaket Province, General Prayuth said the current political situation is worrisome as anti-government demonstrations could escalate anytime. He has therefore warned all those demonstrators that all activities should be in line with the law, while asking them not to violate the rights of others or cause any problem.

At Sisaket, the Army Chief met with soldiers deployed along the Thai-Cambodian border line in a bid to build morale among the soldiers. He also went over border protection and evacuation plans with the soldiers in case of any emergency.

He also reassured that those joining the rally triggered by the Phra Viharn dispute can only enter certain areas at the border as the prohibited areas are too dangerous, plus demonstrations could obstruct the work of the soldiers.