Anti-gambling messages will be screened during World Cup 2018


Bangkok – The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and partners have collaborated on a short film project to immunize Thai adolescents against gambling on World Cup games this year.

The short film project is a collaboration between the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and their partner networks. Eight-minute-long short films, produced by students, will be shown during the upcoming FIFA World Cup in the hope of raising awareness of the dangers of gambling during the competition.

The short film project was initiated following the foundation’s survey which found that soccer gambling was the type of online gambling that appealed most to adolescents. More than 600,000 adolescents became addicted to online gambling over the past year.

The five short films, including “Siang,” “In the End,” “Khu Trong Kham,” “Sball Bet” and “Just Do It” will be shown on the media outlets of the partner networks of ThaiHealth and the ministry during the broadcast of World Cup games.