Analysts from various sides give an overall assessment of the Thai economy


BANGKOK, 9 October 2014 Key analysts at various banks, financial institutions, and private companies have expressed their opinions regarding the direction of the Thai economy.

Members of the private sector gave a general assessment of the Thai economy, saying that it would grow by 1.5 percent or higher and advised the government to focus on investing in mega-infrastructure projects in order to boost the competitiveness of the private sector.

In a public discussion about the Thai economy in 2014, the Bangkok Bank’s Executive Vice President Kobsak Pootrakul stated that the Thai economy has recovered at a pace slower than expected.

According to Mr. Kobsak, the middle- and low-income earners were still facing household debt problems and this has reduced consumer spending as a result. Even though investment has started to recover, there are still no clear signs that investors are interested in Thai stocks and bonds.

Meanwhile, the Stock Exchange of Thailand Executive Vice-President Mr. Pakorn Peetathawatchai has advised the government to focus on investments in mega infrastructure projects and resolve the problems of labor shortages in various industries.

92 percent of CEOs in SET-listed companies also believe that the Thai economy would see a positive recovery in the next 6 months. However, a majority of them have expressed their worries against Thailand’s increasing levels of household debts and the higher costs of capital for business owners.