An NRC member pledges determination for reform to eliminate corruption


BANGKOK, 13 October 2014  A member of the National Reform Council has pledged a determination to achieve legal reform that will help rid Thailand of corruption.

Admiral Pajun Tamprateep, one of the 250 NRC members, told reporters that he feels Thailand is being heavily plagued by corruption at the hands of civil servants, the military, the police and politicians who have been exploiting their authority for their own benefits.

Admiral Pajun said that the situation has made it necessary for Thailand to have more stringent laws to eliminate what he called a vicious cycle and, in order to succeed, fast and strong punishments for those involved in corruption will also be needed.

When asked if he may join the Constitution Drafting Committee, Admiral Pajun said that he has not been invited by anyone to join the process and it will be up to the NRC as a team to decide who will representing them in the drafting process.