Alongkorn Ponlaboot resigns from Democrat Party


BANGKOK, Nov 26 — Alongkorn Ponlaboot, secretary to the whip committee of the National Reform Council (NRC), today announced his resignation as a member of the Democrat Party. 

He said he wanted to support the neutrality of the NRC.

The former deputy leader of the Democrat Party said there was no pressure for his decision and he still loved the Democrat Party as he had been a member for nearly 20 years.

In his press conference at Parliament this afternoon, Mr Alongkorn said his resignation was aimed at ensuring the smooth operation and credibility of the NRC which had to be independent and impartial. He said he decided to resign from the party although the interim charter did not prohibit any reform councilor from membership in a political party.

Mr Alongkorn insisted that his resignation neither had any political implication nor resulted from any conflict with the Democrat Party. He said he intended to resign when he applied to join the NRC.

He said that he decided to resign when he was entrusted to be secretary to the NRC whip committee and to hold important positions in other committees. His resignation will take effect tomorrow.

Mr Alongkorn declined to speak of his future political career after the NRC concludes. He refused to say whether he would quit politics altogether or rejoin the Democrat Party. He only said that was a matter for the future.