Airports & hospitals prepared for floods

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Bangkok – The Department of Airports (DOA) has beefed up its flood prevention and response measures as the protracted monsoon season continues to put several provinces under water.

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DOA Director-General Darun Sangchai, said that all 28 airports under the care of the DOA remain unaffected by floods. Still, they have been instructed to install high-powered water pumps and Big Bag flood barriers around their facilities as a precaution. Special attention is being given to airports in the southern and eastern provinces where aspects of the monsoon season will continue into November.

Meanwhile, MOPH Permanent-Secretary Dr. Jessada Chokdamrongsuk, has disclosed that the ongoing floods have affected 75 hospitals in 17 provinces in the Northeast, East and central region. However, all of them can attend to patients as usual. Eleven health promoting hospitals in Ayutthaya and Singburi are providing patient services elsewhere as their facilities are undergoing repairs.