Air Force to send fleet to aid in rainmaking operations


Bangkok – The Royal Thai Air Force is ready to dispatch its aircraft to support upcoming royal rainmaking operations around the country.

Commander-in-Chief ACM Johm Rungsawang said the Air Force will hand over a total of 12 airplanes to assist the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation in cloud seeding operations. Four of the planes are of the BT-67 model; six are AU-23A Peacemakers; and the other two are Alpha Jet attack aircraft.

The Air Force chief confirmed he is supportive of the upcoming cloud seeding operations, which he said will help alleviate drought and haze problems in Thailand and lessen the impact of hailstorms. He called on all the officials involved to prioritize efficiency and safety during their tasks and to help create an understanding among people that the chemicals used are not dangerous to their health.

In addition to dispatching aircraft, the Air Force will open 11 of its bases across the country to serve as operational centers for the cloud seeding mission, which is set to begin on March 26.