Air condition services in high demand as temperatures rise


YALA – Air condition maintenance and retailers have reported a spike in business due to the hot weather.

Home and automobile air condition maintenance service providers in the province of Yala have reported that their daily business has picked up with many now having to put customers on hold. They indicated that air condition check-ups and cleanings are the most asked for services.

Some retailers have indicated a significant uptick in sales compared to previous years and have speculated that this year’s record setting heat is likely the cause. They noted that improvements in technology have also brought down the prices of air conditioning units and have allowed for consumers to more easily purchase new machines. Nonetheless, they said the record heat has forced customers to have to buy more powerful units in the 12-18,000 BTU range.

Many of the shops have reported a shortage of workers as increased demand has made them unable to keep up with the amount of customers.