Adviser to PCC company beleives political interference the reason contract being canceled


BANGKOK, 17 April 2013 – PCC Development and Construction Company, the company embroiled in the construction of 396 police stations, has said it believes political interference is the major cause of the termination of the company’s contract, and that it will sue the office of the Royal Thai Police if no reasonable clarification is provided. 

Pol Lt-Colonel Santana Prayoonrat, adviser to the construction company, told the press today that he believed the decision by the Police Bureau to terminate the contract with the company today was politically influenced.

According to him, the company has the ability to complete the remaining construction project, and that it has already requested the bureau for another extension period of 600 more days to finish the construction; however, it has not received any reply so far.

If the Royal Thai Police takes legal actions against PCC without reasonable grounds, the company will exercise its legal rights by countersuing against the Thai Police Office, Pol Lt-Colonel Santana added.