Adviser on new Parliament building gives safety assurance on structural foundation


BANGKOK, 24 April 2015 – The foundation of the new Parliament building is strong and suffers from no case of soil erosion, according to the project’s adviser.

Chotjutha Ajsorn, adviser to the new Parliament building project, said that there has been some progress in the construction.

Mr. Chotjutha said that contractors are now removing earth and drilling foundation piles as well as working on the soil protection system.

He stated that the depth of the foundation work of the new Parliament building is more than 10 meters in order to ensure the structure’s security and strength.

When asked about concerns over the softening of the earth under the planned building due to its location on the bank of Chao Phraya River, Mr. Chotjutha said that an erosion-prevention system called the pine wall has been built to protect the area.

He added that the pine wall, which is rows of steel-reinforced concrete pillars each measuring one meter in diameter, is very strong and fortified a 50-centimeter-thick wall around the perimeter and a one-meter-thick floor.