6 out of 9 drainage works in Bangkok completed to date


BANGKOK, 23 September 2012– More than half of the drainage works, intended to help ease the flood problem in Bangkok, has been completed. 

Metropolitan Police Bureau spokesperson Police Colonel Preeda Sathaworn said on Saturday that the Metropolitan Police Bureau has asked the Corrections Department to lend a number of inmates to execute the drainage works of Bangkok’s sewerage system.

The cleaning was initiated to help solve the flooding problem in the capital, caused by recent heavy rain.

Police Colonel Preeda said that, as of Saturday, 6 out of the planned 9 spots have been completed.

He expects the drainage works at 3 other locations to be completed by Monday, September 24th.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau spokesperson added that, so far, the clogging of the city’s sewerage system appeared to have been mostly caused by garbage and rock and sand.