5th Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge to be built in Bueng Kan


Bueng Kan – Bueng Kan Chamber of Commerce has proposed that Bueng Kan be transformed into a logistic hub after announcing the 5th Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is to be built in Beung Kan province in the beginning of next year.

Bueng Kan Chamber of Commerce President Jate Ketjamnong said the plan includes the construction of an airport and a railway linking Udon Thani and Beung Kan. Once the 5th Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is fully functional, it will bring so much economic value to the province.

According to Jate, the proposal to build an airport was dismissed by the Cabinet due to security reasons the last time it was submitted for consideration. He added a better and improved plan will be submitted again, citing the need for Bueng Kan to have its own airport for economic purposes.

A 20-year strategy will also be proposed for approval to ensure development projects in Bueng Kan are carried out continuously from one governor to another.