48 year-old Thai woman free of the Ebola virus


BANGKOK, 22 August 2014  – The Public Health Ministry has dismissed rumors about a case where a 48 year-old Thai woman who has recently arrived from Liberia has been infected with the deadly Ebola virus.

Dr. Narong Sahamethaphat, Permanent-Secretary for Public Health, stated that the woman had be detained at the Suvarnabhumi Airport’s International Quarantine Center as she arrived home on August 20th. Initially, she did not have a fever, but a day later, she experienced headaches and developed rashes on her skin.

Concerned about her symptoms, she immediately went to see a doctor at a private hospital, who then told her she had urticaria. However, she took responsibly by reporting to the Disease Control Department (DCD) via the hotline 1422 to truly make sure that she has not been infected with Ebola.

The woman was then taken to the Bamras Naradoon Institute for close watch. The results indicated she did not have the Ebola virus and that her case was not worrisome.

Dr. Narong has also urged members of the public to not easily believe the rumors that have been circulating around social media sites, as most of them are often created to distort the truth or cause widespread panic.


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