36 provinces declared disaster zones as temperature continues to drop


BANGKOK, 29 December 2013, 36 provinces have been declared cold-spell disaster zones. More than 20 million people have been affected by the continuous drop in temperature since December 2- 28. 

According to Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Director-General, currently 437 districts in 36 provinces have been declared disaster zones and in urgent need of assistance, as strong cold front from China continues to spread over the northern, northeastern , central, and Eastern parts of the country.

The DDPM, in cooperation with provincial authorities, has established emergency centers in various districts to coordinate and distribute help for local people to alleviate problems caused by the steep drop of the temperature.

Budgets will be allotted to local authorities in order for them to purchase warm clothes and blankets for those in remote areas. Coordination between 57 provinces in the North, Northeast, Central, and Eastern regions has been established to prepare for continuous cold spell, which will carry on until early next year.