3,486 Couples married on Valentine’s Day


BANGKOK- The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has revealed that the number of couples who came to register at the capital’s 38 districts stand at 3,486, for an increase of 578 couples compared to last year’s Valentine’s Day.

Bang Rak district remains the most popular site for couples to register with 1,045 couples, as the district’s name symbolizes love. Lak Si came second with 173 couples, followed by Bang Sue with 160, Saphan Sung with 136, Don Mueang 125, and Bang Khun Thian with 114.

There was a vibrant atmosphere at registration stations throughout Valentine’s Day, with various districts organizing games and activities for the couples waiting in line. Random rewards for some couples in Bang Rak district included a distribution of gold, fully reimbursed Honeymoon trips to Korea for five days and three nights, along with insurance certificates.

Lak Si district was also another popular registering destination due to its name meaning the 4 pillars. It is believed that anyone who coming to register at the district will cement their bond with the 4 pillars of “tolerance,” “knowing one’s duty”, “Morality to create goodness” and “A family to look after.” Gifts such as facial treatments and free health check-ups were also handed out to lucky couples.

Various other districts were also reported to be lively as Thailand fully embraced Valentines Day.