3,000 Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean bikers join in OK BETONG BIKE WEEK


YALA – Bikers from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have joined together in the OK BETONG BIKE WEEK to promote tourism and boost the economy in the southern border provinces.

Betong Big Bike Club President Sakareeya Salae led some 3,000 bikers from five southern Thai provinces, Malaysia, and Singapore, to join in the OK BETONG BIKE WEEK held as part of a campaign to promote tourist industry of Betong district in Yala province.

The event, taking place on 4-5 August 2017 at Betong municipality’s central stadium, is expected to help boost the local economy and generate more incomes to the tourist spots in the southern border provinces.

OK BETONG BIKE WEEK is a yearly event initiated from the like-mindedness of friends who love biking and the tourist attractions in Betong. This year features the sales of OTOP products, a musical contest, and concerts from famous artists.