300-kg croc found in Surat Thani’s abandoned shrimp farm


SURAT THANI – A shrimp farm owner in the southern province of Surat Thani has found a 300-kg crocodile that is suspected of having escaped captivity six years ago.

The head of the Provincial Fisheries Office in Phunphin district led members of the local media to the farm in the capital district, after receiving a report of the finding.

The owner and three others said they discovered the croc when they were dredging the deserted 5-rai shrimp farm for fishing. They captured the animal, as it tried to climb out of the pond, before informing the authorities, the four men claimed.

Initial inspection indicated that the crocodile weighs over 300 kilograms, and is of 3.5 meters length. Officials estimated the croc’s age to be around 7-9 years and speculated that it had escaped captivity during the flood in 2011. The reptile also appeared to be familiar with humans, observed the officials.