Only 3 percent of people support death penalty for buying and selling of official positions


Over 90 percent of respondents in a poll agree with life imprisonment for people who buy or sell positions in government services and more than half of them support police reforms, according to results of the Super Poll research office.


The poll was conducted during October 15-19 among 440 samples who are police officers attached to police stations. They were asked about, among others, how they feel about police reforms and about a recent proposal that people who buy or sell official positions should face the maximum penalty of death instead of life imprisonment.

The poll shows only 3.3 percent of the respondents agree with death penalty for those who buy or sell official positions and 96.7 percent prefer life imprisonment as the maximum penalty.

30.9 percent say it is not yet time for police reforms while 69.1 percent want the police organization to be reformed.

Regarding police reforms, 36.1 percent of the respondents want to see reform in public safety aspect, 30.6 percent want police reshuffle to be reformed, 18.2 percent want legal reforms and 8.2 percent want the laws governing police performance to be reformed.