3 M79 grenades fired into Thai PBS and Police Sports Club compounds


BANGKOK, 27 February 2014 3 grenades from an M79 launcher were fired into the compounds of the Royal Thai Police Sports Club and Thai PBS television station on Wednesday evening. 

2 of the grenades landed at the parking lot of the Thai PBS television compound and exploded damaging 2 cars. Another grenade fell onto a tent used by riot policemen who were providing security for the Center for Maintaining Peace and Order, which was situated inside the Police Sports Club. However, this grenade did not go off.

Metropolitan Police 2 Commander Siranit Phrombut said he believed the grenades were launched from high ground on the elevated tollway, and from a range of about 400 meters. Investigators were going over footage from closed-circuit cameras on the tollway in the hope of identifying the perpetrators.