2016 budget draft for 12 ministries passed with 5 bn baht cut


BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 – A parliamentary committee responsible for vetting the Budget Expenditure Bill B.E. 2559 has approved the financial outlay of 12 ministries with a total cut of 5 billion baht, the committee’s spokesman says.

Spokesman of the committee Lt Gen Chatudom Titthasiri explained that the budgets of 12 ministries have already passed the committee’s consideration, and the panel is now looking into the budget of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

He said that the consideration was progressing within the designated timeframe with the approved budget already totalling 1.027 trillion baht out of the 2.72 trillion baht. According to him, about 5.82 billion baht has already been cut from the budget requests. The cuts are on such projects as personnel training, heavy goods procurement, and non-urgent construction.

The Spokesman added that all ministries have been urged to manage their budget in line with the government’s problem-solving priority so that the allocations will give the maximum benefit to the country and the public.