150,000 Thais working abroad in March


Some 150,000 Thai workers employed in foreign countries at present, generated 10.25 billion baht that was sent back to Thailand, says DOE chief.

Department of Employment Director-General, Varanon Peetiwan
Department of Employment Director-General, Varanon Peetiwan

The Department of Employment Director-General, Varanon Peetiwan has revealed the number of Thai workers legally working abroad and Thai workers who have recently been granted permission to work in foreign countries is 153,264 persons, with the biggest group being employed in Taiwan at 74,240 persons, followed by Israel, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

Most Thai workers abroad are working in agriculture, followed by general labor, general staff, as interns, and in electrical components manufacturing.

The DOE’s statistics in October 2016 – March 2017 show 5,385 persons being approved to work in foreign countries under the government’s scheme, mostly in Israel at 359 persons, followed by South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Thai workers have been sending back money to Thailand through the Bank of Thailand, with the latest figure in March 2017 showing 10.25 billion baht money transferred here, a 244 million baht increase year-on-year from the March 2016 figure of 10.05 billion.

The DOE chief added that the employment programs provided by the government do not require any fee to be paid by job seekers, except for actual costs such as air tickets, visa fee, and the membership fee for the Thai Workers in Foreign Countries Help Fund.

He added that Thai workers must keep improving their capabilities, and use the knowledge they gain abroad to help improve the country and the security of their lives.