100 wild peacocks sighted in Phayao


PHAYAO – A birdwatching spot will be built in Phayao province to accommodate tourists arriving to see wild peacocks leaving the mountain to feed in nearby cornfields. 

Around 50 peacocks can be seen leaving their habitat in the mountain to feed on corn seeds on the ground every evening. Many peacocks are usually observed in winter in Wiang Lor Wildlife Sanctuary located in Dok Kam Tai district.

As many as 100 birds have been seen foraging for corn. The birds are drawn to the corn seeds, which are left on the ground by farmers during the harvest period.

According to Phayao Provincial Administrative Organization, Wiang Lor Wildlife Sanctuary is among Thailand’s largest peacock habitats. The birdwatching spot will be created far enough from the birds so that they remain undisturbed.

Binoculars will be provided for birdwatchers, who can also visit the nearby sunflower field, touted as the biggest sunflower field in the North of Thailand.