100 service centers for undocumented migrant workers to open


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Labour will be opening service centers nationwide for undocumented migrant workers today at 100 locations nationwide, says official.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour (MOL) Puntrik Smiti has revealed the MOL will be launching 100 service centers nationwide to facilitate employers experiencing problems with undocumented migrant workers. The centers will facilitate the legal technicalities regarding their migrant workers during the grace period, after the enactment of the new migrant workers management law.

The centers will operate daily from 24 July – 7 August 2017, and will focus only on assisting existing employees, not newly employed employees after the effective date of the law. The process will require relevant documents and forms to be submitted to the center during 24 July – 7 August 2017. The documents can be submitted by any person who will receive back a receipt.

Employers and employees will then be required to meet with officials during 8 August – 9 September 2017 to verify their relations.

Employees will then need to obtain their Certification of Identity (CI) document at the One Stop Service Center where officials from Myanmar and Cambodia will be providing the service, while Lao nationals are required to travel back to obtain their passport before returning to Thailand to obtain work visas and permit.

Employers can also opt to send documents online. The center is aimed to provide a continuous service at the rate of 15 minutes per person.

Forums are available on www.doe.go.th or www.doe.go.th/alien from which users can download and fill out in advance. For more information, please call 1694.