Waterfront Suites & Residence to overlook new Pattaya Marina


Pattaya City Hall has released to local developers Tulip Group news of the soon to be opened Pattaya Marina at Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya.

The new marina which has been under construction since last year will have in total 350 marina berths and is due to be fully completed within the next 6 months.

The area has already seen a number of big changes, including a state of the art car park, and it is expected that the entire area will be upgraded and the boats that are currently in dry dock will be relocated.

The marina will be used by the city and privately for those who wish to rent a marina berth for their own use, with discussion ongoing regarding management of the facility.

Tulip Group’s Waterfront Suites and Residences at Bali Hai, South Pattaya.Tulip Group’s Waterfront Suites and Residences at Bali Hai, South Pattaya.

The news is extremely good for Pattaya City, but also for Tulip Group, as their luxurious high rise condominium and 5 Star hotel Waterfront Suites and Residences will now benefit from amazing views of this marina and the expected upgrade to the entire area at the front of the project.

Vice President for Tulip Group Jason Payne was delighted to hear the news saying, “I am extremely happy that the city has now officially confirmed the news of the marina.  We have known about it since we purchased the site, but to have it officially confirmed is great news for our project.  As with any marina in the world, only the very best properties are normally in these locations, and we truly believe that Waterfront is in the world class category.  This news is excellent for Pattaya, and fantastic for our project and our Waterfront residents.”

Waterfront Suites and Residences is a 50-storey condominium with a 120-room 5 star hotel and is due for completion by December 2014.