World team takes Mulberry Ryder Cup

The Rest of the World and England teams at the Mulberry Ryder Cup 2018.
The Rest of the World and England teams at the Mulberry Ryder Cup 2018.

PSC Golf from The Golf Club

It was destination Khao Yai for the 2018 Mulberry Ryder Cup that pits the England side against the Rest of the World.  With players coming in from Canada, Dubai, Japan and Abu Dhabi there was an international presence joining our local Americans and Australians for this years’ event hosted by our mate Steve Mulberry. This is our big competition of the year and an event we all look forward to at The Golf Club.

It was the closest competition yet and it all came down to the last four holes of the last day of singles and in the end it was the R.O.W. team captained by Mike Newbert who claimed victory over David Brannigans’ England squad.

42 golfers and 4 of the very best golf courses including Rancho Charnvee, Khao Yai Golf Club, Toscana Valley and Lotus Valley made for an excellent week of Matchplay golf.

Monday, Feb. 5, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Thierry Danzas (26) 42pts

2nd Takita (23) 41pts

T3rd Dan Dietz (11) 39pts

T3rd Gary Emmett (15) 39pts

Back to the reality of Pattaya and our local golf goes from strength to strength with the daily comps always fully booked.  32 golfers joined Capt. Phil for the Monday Green Valley event today as we welcome back some old friends.

With an impressive 42 points, it was Frenchman Thierry Danzas who stole the show here.  Takita-san took sole second place and Gary Emmett was back on the scoreboard in a tie with Dan Dietz.

Terry Pettitt is with us again from England and claimed the Caddy Smile near pin.

Tuesday, Feb. 6, Khao Kheow (yellow tees) – Stableford

1st Masao Ishikawa (17) 41pts

2nd David Johl (18) 37pts

T3rd Mitch Black (12) 35pts

T3rd Andy Leach (6) 35pts

It was a perfect day for golf again with slightly cooler weather than last week.  We could do with a good rain, but that is not on the horizon, so instead we can take advantage of those added yards from drier fairways this week.

Khao Kheow is in beautiful condition still, so everyone wants to play here.  The lads did well out there and 41 points went to Ishi, who also took the near pin.

Thursday, Feb. 8, Greenwood A & B (white tees) – Stableford

1st David Nicholson (17) 42pts

2nd Franjo Blazevic (4) 38pts

3rd Louis Ventimiglia (20) 37pts

Our 09:36 tee time was just about as late as we wanted out here at Greenwood today.  The course was very busy as we had expected, but the staff had everything under control.  Things went smoothly from start to finish and the course was in pretty good shape for as much play as it is getting.

It was a good day to be Louis Ventimiglia as Lou snagged first place with 41 as well as the Caddy Smile near pin.  Did he make the birdie?  Well, yes he did and yours truly owes him a drink for the 2.

Friday, Feb. 9, Silky Oaks (white tees) – Stableford

T1st Dan Dietz (11) 41pts

T1st William Batwin (18) 41pts

3rd Blake Hanna (16) 39pts

It has been an interesting week for golf, with all those in the winner’s circle scoring 41 points or more.  Mind you, there are big fields these days and the courses are in prime condition for the most part.

Don’t forget that we are doing a 2 hour practice session at Siam Waterside every Sunday, departing TGC at 10:30 and returning around 13:30.  It really is a 5-star facility but you need to sign up early as we can only take 11 golfers in the van.

Good to see Blake getting onto the podium in this final round of the week with a strong 39 on the card.  Dandy Dan Dietz and William had to share the prize with both netting 41 points.  Our good ol’ boys are back and the siblings Gilbert and Scott King are always welcome home at TGC.  Today it was Gilbert that was our near pin winner so thanks to all for your contributions to the caddies.