Woodall hits the heights with 43-pointer


Golf from the Billabong Bar

Monday, Oct. 3, Phoenix Gold, Stableford

We were just walking along the 9th hole on the Lakes course when my caddie realized that she had dropped my putter cover. Somewhat reluctant to tell me, she had already asked the group behind without success and decide she had to run back two or three holes to investigate.  She left the trolley at the drinks stop and, being a gentleman, I pushed the trolley up to the next green.  I did not realize how heavy, full of all our equipment, the caddies bits and pieces and refreshments of all sorts, a trolley was to push.  I am pleased that she returned at the next hole in triumph and the bar just went up a notch or two in my admiration.  Remember also that most of them have only had the opportunity to work 3, or 4 days if they are lucky, since April.

Som, Sa and Nu back at the Billabong.
Som, Sa and Nu back at the Billabong.

As usual the course was in excellent condition but we were a little concerned when we were accompanied by claps of thunder for 9 holes, but fortunately without any repercussions.

35 points was the most popular number today, with Jason Gale, in his last game before returning to Perth (Australia not Scotland), just relegating Capt. Bob to third place and Jerry Grocott to fourth on count back, but Jerry’s wife Julie left the men in her wake with 38 points, winning for the second week in a row.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, Green Valley – Stableford

Following the recent rain, the greens are recovering nicely and the fairways are excellent, much appreciated by everyone, perhaps with exception of the greens staff who reverted to their boy racer days by driving too fast in wet conditions, cutting deep furrows on many fairways  and leaving heavy tire marks elsewhere.  How long will it take to repair the devastation, time that could be spent doing something more constructive?

Was it Arnold Palmer that said, ‘that golf is an awkward set of bodily contortions designed to produce a graceful result’.  Well Kevin Hamilton can surely testify to that statement for he has more bodily movements than a go-go dancer along Walking Street.  Unfortunately for him, he did not feature among the winners today as that honour went to Wayne Cotterell, returning from a sabbatical away from the golf course, with 41 points.  Tony Oakes, a little nervous with his new driver, had no cause for concern as he filled second place with 39 points.  Sel Wegner with 37 points edged Geoff King by one point into fourth place.

Miss Sa made a return to winners’ enclosure with 41 points, well ahead of Miss Som who claimed second spot on a count back from Miss Nu, both on 30 points.

Friday, Oct. 7, Burapha – Stableford

Burapha was in fantastic condition, the greens were just great but if you got off the fairway you were in a bit of trouble as the rough was brutal.

Julie Grocott with husband Jerry.
Julie Grocott with husband Jerry.

With 6 teams playing we got off a bit early and were around in well under four hours with no hold-ups at all.  It was a good day for playing golf as it was not too hot – the cloud looked a bit threatening at times but no rain eventuated.

The scoring today was very good with a count back for third and fourth between Helmut and Sugar, both on 38 points, with Sugar getting the nod for third.  Second place went to Jim Brackett with a fine 41 points but the man of the moment did it again, shooting 77 gross to rack up 43 points Andrew Woodall had a great round of golf.

There were five ‘2’s today, coming from Jim Brackett (2), Rick Culley, Jerry Grocott and Mark Wood, it’s been a long time since we saw that amount.

The Billabong will be playing at Burapha on Friday the 21st in the Baan Tong Tong tournament and will be playing a greensomes event, something a little different.  All golfers are welcome and there are lots of prizes to shoot for.  All proceeds will go to the special needs children’s program.  Give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 if you want to play.