Wise wins in the north


Outback Golf Bar Chiang Mai Road Trip

Monday, Oct. 15, Royal Chiang Mai – Stableford

We arrived in Chiang Mai a little later than scheduled at around 7.30pm after a couple of pit stops en route, including the hot springs nearby to the road.

After checking in, many of the guys gathered at the Porn Ping bar or went off to the local off-licence to stock up on their favourite spirit to take advantage of the Porn Ping offer, to allow us to keep our own bottle behind their bar; a great gesture, readily received by many.  Whatever, the critics may say about this hotel, they sure do know how to look after us.  The breakfasts needed a bit of a shake up with the bacon situation, but once done, there was not a great deal wrong with them.  On Sunday afternoon, the Chiang Mai only part of the group arrived on various flights bringing the group up to well over 50 including non-players.

Overall winner Rob Wise (left) with Suzi Lawton & Bill Hornick. Overall winner Rob Wise (left) with Suzi Lawton & Bill Hornick.

So off to Royal Chiang Mai at 9am on Monday and we were all present and correct, except for Tony who had damaged his shoulder in a fall, leaving a perfect field of 11 groups (44 players).  The weather was once again excellent and upon arrival at the course everything looked set for a perfect day.

They (RCM) had given us the benefit of a two-tee start at 10am, which went quite smoothly except we were a couple of carts short which did eventually get sorted out.  Regretfully, the course did not play as well as it appeared and although there was little wrong with the greens, the fairways and rough came under considerable criticism.  The grass on the fairways was thin leaving the ball frequently sitting down and uninviting to hit and the rough was rough – so thick and knotted it was easy to lose one’s ball when just off the fairway; let alone the added problem of trying to hit it!

The General, who had taken over the organisation this week, thanked Capt’ Steve for looking after Chiang Rai and welcomed all to the 8th CM Challenge.  We still kept the Outbacker and Guest split but this time there were two divisions in each, although the Outbackers were seriously outnumbered by 26 to 18.

Only three players played to handicap or better, no doubt a reflection of the condition and it was Bill Hornick who shot the best round of the day with 40pts to win Div A in the Outback group from Chris Davisson, who had an excellent back nine, on 37.  Div A of the Guests was won by the very steady Bob Wise also with 37pts from Tony Harrop on 35.

Div B (Outback) went to Bruce Milner, still regarded as an Outbacker even though he lives in the Philippines, with 35pts from Tony Aslett on 34.  Whilst Kim Stokes took Div B (Guests) with 33 from Tony Pieroni on 31 in a relatively poor scoring division.

Jack apologised for the condition of the course and when it was put to the vote, the majority favoured it (RCM) being dropped from the playing schedule.  Thoughts for its replacement included MaeJo or Alpine Resort.

There was only one ‘2’ from Mark Rossiter.

Outbackers Div A (0-15)

1st William Hornick (12) 40pts

2nd Chris Davisson (11) 37pts

3rd James Brackett (5) 36pts

4th Peter Stonebridge (14) 32pts

Guests Div A (0-14)

1st Robert Wise (13) 37pts

2nd Anthony Harrop (10) 35pts

3rd Brendon Moylan (14) 32pts

4th Bob Maloney (12) 32pts

Outbackers Div B (16+)

1st Bruce Milner (16) 35pts

2nd Tony Aslett (22) 34pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (20) 32pts

4th Donald Lehmer (20) 30pts

Guests Div B (15+)

1st Kim Stokes (15) 33pts

2nd Tony Pieroni (16) 31pts

3rd Wayne Waywood (15) 31pts

4th Paul Kelly (25) 29pts

Tuesday, Oct. 16, Summit Green Valley – Stableford

Today marked the return a course that we haven’t included in a Chiang Mai Challenge since our first Challenge back in October 2008, and that is Summit Green Valley.  To be honest, I cannot remember why we dropped it so quickly, whether it was because of its condition or because it’s such a difficult course.  Whichever the case, it was massively popular today and was beautifully presented and once again we had the benefit of a two tee start at the later time of 11am.

All present and correct and just a short ride from the hotel, the late start gave us all chance of a bit of a lie in after perhaps a late night out but on the tee most players looked raring to go.

Steve Mann continued his fine form at these Outback tour events with another handicap equalling 36pts to win Div A of the Outbackers from another man in form, Bill Hornick in second with 33; unbelievably Kev Waycott took third with just 26pts.

(From left) Kim Stokes, Wayne Waywood, Tim Knight & Bruce McAdam at Summit Green Valley. (From left) Kim Stokes, Wayne Waywood, Tim Knight & Bruce McAdam at Summit Green Valley.

Rob Wise shot his second consecutive 37pts to win Div A for the guests from Rod Crosswell (36) who at last is showing a bit of form, which we know he can do.  Div B (Outbackers) went to Donald Lehmer also with 37 and Div B guests was won by Wayne Waywood with 39; and for sure he will be hoping to do better than a couple of years back when being in the lead after two rounds and falling off the podium, managing only a modest 28pts in the final round.

In the restaurant, stories were reaching our ears of one of our players falling into a lake, details are still sketchy as to exactly what happened but apparently the water was quite deep.  One of our new boys on tour was the unfortunate, Tony Harrop – but he did get a ‘2’ and there’s only three of them in total so far.

There were two more ‘2’s today from Brendon Moylan and Tony Harrop.

Outbackers Div A (0-14)

1st Steve Mann (9) 36pts

2nd William Hornick (12) 33pts

3rd Kevin Waycott (8) 26pts

4th Rosco Langoulant (11) 25pts

Guests Div A (0-14)

1st Robert Wise (13) 37pts

2nd Rod Crosswell (14) 36pts

3rd Al Bryce (10) 34pts

4th Ian Jones (14) 32pts

Outbackers Div B (15+)

1st Donald Lehmer (20) 37pts

2nd Suzi Lawton (20) 35pts

3rd Bruce Milner (16) 34pts

4th Tony Aslett (22) 33pts

Guests Div B (15+)

1st Wayne Waywood (15) 39pts

2nd Mike Quill (21) 34pts

3rd Norm Cheetham (15) 33pts

4th Anton Rowbottam (18) 33pts

Thursday, Oct. 18, Chiang Mai Highlands – Stableford

On our last day of the 8th Chiang Mai Challenge, we were as usual back at Chiang Mai Highlands with a slightly earlier than usual tee time of 9.30am.  On the way to the course the weather looked a little suspect with low cloud enveloping the surrounding hills; however when we arrived to be met by a long single file line of caddies, the cloud had begun to lift to allow the sun to break through.

With two non-starters, Tim Knight through injury and Jack, who was fined for leaving his clubs at the hotel, the field was reduced to 42 with the leaders after two days going out last.

Rob Wise (74), Bill Hornick (73), Wayne Waywood (70) & Bruce Milner (69) were the leading group preceded by the next group of hopefuls; Steve Mann (68), Tony Aslett (67), Suzi Lawton (67) & Don Lehmer (67).  The ‘2’s pot, which is accumulated over all three days, had only three ‘2’s to its name; so the guys not in contention still had something to play for.

Bill Hornick remained solid to win Div A Outback with 39pts from Steve Mann (37); likewise Rob Wise played very well for his 41pts to win Div A Guests from Ian Jones and Tony Harrop both on 36.  In the other two divisions, Outback B & Guests B, they were both won with fantastic scores of 42pts; Suzi taking the former and Ian Button beating Norm Cheetham on count back, to take the latter.

The most surprising turnaround, after two rounds of golf with only three ‘2’s materializing, today had perhaps a record number of 16, thus dissipating the value considerably.  The following players scored ‘2’s today: Tony Harrop (2), Neil Herd, Mark Rossiter, Al Bryce, Ian Button, Rick Forrest, Brian King, Anton Rowbottam, Art O’ Connor, Scott Baumgarten, Kevin Waycott, Peter Stonebridge, Dennis Pelly (2) & Jim Brackett.  Added to these was the one on Mon from Mark Rossiter and the two on Tuesday from Brendon Moylan and Tony Harrop.

Outback Div A (0-15)

1st William Hornick (12) 39pts

2nd Steve Mann (9) 37pts

3rd Rosco Langoulant (11) 35pts

4th Kevin Waycott (8) 33pts

Guests Div A (0-14)

1st Robert Wise (13) 41pts

2nd Ian Jones (14) 36pts

3rd Anthony Harrop (10) 36pts

4th Bob Maloney (12) 36pts

Outback Div B (15+)

1st Suzi Lawton (20) 42pts

2nd Greg Hill (17) 38pts

3rd John Lawton (21) 37pts

4th Bruce McAdam (27) 37pts

Guests Div B (15+)

1st Ian Button (16) 42pts

2nd Norm Cheetham (15) 42pts

3rd Tony Pieroni (16) 37pts

4th Wayne Waywood (15) 35pts

Overall 3-day scores

1st Robert Wise (13) 115pts

2nd William Hornick (12) 112pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (20) 109pts

4th Wayne Waywood (15) 105pts

5th Bruce Milner (16) 105pts

At presentation, General Jack commented on the immense success of the trip yet again, which had all gone very smoothly and the weather behaving itself as-well.  He spoke of the next scheduled main trip was to Hua Hin on 10th March 2013 for which the booking sheet is open and as it is the high season, deposits will be required earlier than usual by mid January.  Also, as Chiang Mai had been so popular, he will look into the logistics of bringing in an extra tour here at Songkhran next year, the provisional dates being Mon 15th – Sat 20th April 2013. Chiang Mai Highlands has already been booked for 7 groups for the final round on Friday 19th, the day to avoid in Pattaya.