Wilkinson top scores


Travellers Rest Golf Group

TRGG has introduced a change to its playing schedule as feedback from members indicates a preference for a golf day to be followed by a rest day.  The revised schedule has been posted on the website www.trggbiz. com and listed here in the Pattaya Mail.  The sign-up sheets are located inside the Bowling Green Clubhouse.  As a number of our golfers are residents and approaching the golden years we hope this will provide a much welcomed rest in these extremely hot days.

Monday, April 30, Pattana C.C. – Stableford

It has been some time since we played the course and it proved good value for money.  Although there was a local competition in play, the marshalls ensured there were no undue delays and we all experienced a trouble free round.  The course continues to be well maintained and supported by a five star clubhouse.

The numbers were slightly down with 17 players and therefore 4 prizes.

1st Brendan Moore (12) 35pts

2nd Ted Senior (12) 32pts

3rd Bob Watson (0) 32pts

4th Billy Allan (14) on 30pts

Wednesday, May 2, St. Andrews – Stableford

This is always a course in good condition and a challenge to all golfers but we had some very good scores in today despite it being one of our more difficult courses.  It was an Aussie out front today and an excellent round of golf to put him in pole position.

1st Peter Roberts (16) 40pts

2nd Jeff North (8) 37pts

3rd Jim McNeil (16) 37pts

4th John Wulf (23) 35 pts

Friday, May 4,Phoenix – Stableford

Our apologies to a member who won the first division but his playing card remained in the scorer’s golf bag.  The lesson today is never give a jug of Heineken to the man who puts the cards into the computer ( best to wait until he has input the cards first).  Arnold my apologies and hope you can understand it was entirely my fault, nothing to do with the Heineken.

Having corrected this error it is good to report a bigger field today with two divisions on our home course.

Division A (0-14)

1st Arnold Jones (14) 40pts

2nd Glynn Furfie (9) 39pts

3rd Billy Allan (14) 38pts

Division B (15-36)

1st Roger Wilkinson (15) 42pts

2nd Alun Webber (21) 40pts

3rd Jim McNeil (16) 38pts

I have been advised to correct last week’s notice that it is not Alan Evans but Alan Webber who is in awe of the sheep in Wales.  However, both agree they are partial to a bit of mutton dressed as lamb in Thailand.  Nice to see Roger Wilkinson returning to his good form as he is known as Mr. Consistent.  Although the Ocean course was closed it was good to report no undue delays and the greens are showing improvement.

Sunday, May 6, Crystal Bay – Stableford

A very hot day was experienced by all golfers and as this was our first Sunday outing we were all a bit apprehensive about how long the round would take.  It was pleasing to report there were no delays and all groups finished in good time.  Some very good scores in today with the winner taking first place on count back.  It is worth reporting we had a scratch golfer today who finished on 36 points but could only take fifth place.

1st Alan Delerbe (16) 41pts

2nd Brendan Moore (12) 41pts

3rd Max Scott (5) 37pts

4th Peter Roberts (14) 37pts

5th Bob Watson (0) 37pts

6th Terry Power (9) 34pts

Note:  The TRGG play out of the Bowling Green and Fergus Brennan (Tel 086 056 7019) will be pleased to welcome golfers to the group.  The website is trgg.biz.com where you have info concerning where and when we play.  We also publish our results on www. masterscoreboard.co.uk.