Welch puts on a sizzling show

Kim Seung-Hwan & Peter McGinty..

Traveller’s Rest Golf Group

Monday, Jan. 7, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Division 1
1st Mike Rushant (11) 37pts
2nd Iko Akitoshi (11) 36pts
3rd Lee Kwang-Jae (14) 34pts

Division 2
1st Sam Lee (18) 37pts
2nd Daryl Harvey (28) 37pts
3rd Terry Martin (19) 35pts

We start this week’s report at Khao Kheow where thirty three hopefuls vied for the top position in their respective divisions. In division two, otherwise known as the South Korean division, our resident Sam Lee narrowly won the day with 37 points, just beating Daryl Harvey on a countback which went to the last three holes. In division one Mike “The Machine” Rushant, who is always about the top three spots, posted a strong back-nine to stave of the challenge of Iko Akitoshi.

Tuesday, Jan. 8, Green Valley – Stableford

Division 1
1st Arnold Jones (14) 38pts
2nd Mike Rushant (11) 38pts
3rd Barry Wood (13) 36pts

Division 2
1st Ho Yong-Wang (23) 35pts
2nd John O’Donoghue (19) 35pts
3rd Alex Fenwick (19) 31pts

For the second consecutive day a count back was required to determine the winner of division two and once again the South Koreans came out on top. Ho Yong-Wang held off John O’Donoghue to claim his first victory for 2019.
In division one Mike “The Machine” fell at the final hurdle and allowed Arnold Jones (A.J) to cross the finishing line in first place. Both divisions required countbacks to determine a winner, however division one went down to the last hole.

Wednesday, Jan. 9, Greenwood – Stableford

1st John T Welch (36) 45pts
2nd Ross Luchterhand (18) 41pts
3rd Jim Best (15) 40pts

It was here that the magic happened. John T Welch, who is not known for his golfing prowess but has a claim to fame for his mouthwatering BBQ’s, threw away his cooking equipment and “steaked” his claim in the annals of golfing history. His amazing 45 points shook the golfing fraternity to the core and left the rest of us looking like minced meat.

Thursday, Jan. 10, Phoenix Gold – Stableford

Division 1
1st Daryl Ottaway (8) 41pts
2nd Kim Seung-Hwan (14) 38pts
3rd Mike Rushant (11) 38pts

Division 2
1st Peter McGinty (23) 36pts
2nd Sam Lee (36) 34pts
3rd Kim Hyoung-Tae (23) 31pts

Phoenix always attracts good numbers and today was no exception, with thirty-seven players in the field.
In division two it was a pleasure to see Peter McGinty take out the number one spot with a very respectable score of 36 points. In division one the scoring was very impressive and our resident “lefty” Daryl Ottaway shot the lights with a brilliant three-over par round to deservedly take out first place.

Friday, Jan. 11, Burapha – Stableford

Division 1
1st Kim Seung-Hwan (14) 40pts
2nd Bob Hannon (13) 39pts
3rd Rocky Jones (05) 36pts

Division 2
1st Peter Williamson (16) 38pts
2nd Don Hawkins (16) 38pts
3rd Eun Suk-Choi (17) 36pts

With a fantastic turnout of forty-two players today, in division two Peter Williamson took his playing companions apart with a 38-point round. In the top division Kim Seung-Hwan was staking his claim to fame in the golfing fraternity with a very commendable 40 points and representing his fellow countrymen in the higher echelons of golf.

Saturday, Jan. 12, Pattavia – Stableford

Division 1
1st Colin Smith (12) 40pts
2nd Don Hawkins (16) 38pts
3rd Mike Rushant (11) 38pts

Division 2
1st Nathan Sheridan (21) 42pts
2nd Sam Lee (18) 37pts
3rd Jim Sheridan (26) 36pts

We finished this week at Pattavia, where the average golfer quivers in fear of the pace and undulation of the greens. Not so for the iconic Nathan Sheridan whose muscle-bound body allowed him to K.O. the opposition with a brilliant 42 points. Meanwhile in division one it was current player of the year Colin Smith with a very respectable 40 points who took the plaudits.