Wegner & Newell the shining lights at Khao Yai


PSC golf from the Billabong Golf Bar

Sunday, April 6, Khao Yai C.C. – Stableford

It was a good road to Khao Yai for the 32 golfers that went to play; a nice leisurely drive to Pak Chong then on to the Khao Yai Country Club, a Jack Nicklaus design and a beauty to boot.

The scores on Sunday were as usual in the higher end but that’s because this course is so open with wide fairways and big greens.  It was also in magnificent condition with good lies on all fairways and in most of the rough.

Peter, Greig, Craig and Mal enjoy some refreshments back at the hotel.Peter, Greig, Craig and Mal enjoy some refreshments back at the hotel.

This was a three day event plus a singles competition each day, and there were nearest the pins kindly donated by Mal Farquharson on behalf of his new and only baby Zac, and the recipients of those on day one were Saeng Ryves, Greig Ritchie, Craig Wheeler and Sel Wegner.

There were also six ‘2’s recorded by John Player, Saeng Ryves, J.P. Maffray, Peter Henderson, Paul Greenaway and Bob Newell.

Friday’s top two, Bob Philp and Craig Wheeler.

The comp was split into two divisions 0 to 14 and 15 plus and in the second flight, fourth place went to Wayne Cotterell with 41 points, being beaten on a count back by John Player also on 41.  Second spot went to Rosco Langoulant with 42 points and in first was Kevin Wild with a great 43 point score.  Back at the hotel Greig Ritchie was heard to comment he didn’t get a mention and he had forty points.  That’s the way it goes mate!

In the top division the scores were almost as good, with J.P. Maffray on 38 points taking fourth, third place going to Saeng Ryves with 39 and second to Bob Newell on 40, who was edged out of the top position by Capt Bob on a count back decision.

Monday, April 7, Voyage Panorama – Stableford

Monday we played at Voyage Panorama, a different course than Khao Yai for sure with some very long carries over ravines and water.  It was a bit hard on some of our older members, however there were no complaints and once again the course was in great condition, if you were on the fairway that is.  If you strayed into the rough it was a different story but the greens were fantastically fast and true if you got the line correct.

The novelty prizes today were donated by Bob St. Aubin; the longest putt on the second hole never got a name on it but the second shot to the short par four sixteenth went to Jim Bell, so Bob gave him both prizes.

There were no outstanding scores today with Jim Bell getting fourth place with 31 points in division two and coming in third was Brian Maddox with 33.  Second spot went to Greig Ritchie with 34 points and coming in at the top was Sel Wegner with 37.

Division one was pretty much the same, with Paul Greenaway taking fourth on 32 points, third going to Paul Bourke with 33, second to Paul Hack on 34 points and first place to Bob Newell with 38 points.

There was only one ‘2’ and that was recorded by Paul Bourke.

Tuesday, April 8, Rancho Charnvee – Stableford

It was seeded draw today at Rancho Charnvee Country Club.  This course is a must play for any golfer going up to Khao Yai and it is second to none in every respect.  Greens, fairways, bunkers the rough are all just magnificent, the club house is palatial, and the price is cheaper than the others we played by quite some margin.

When we got to the first tee today the starter said we could set off from both the first and tenth tees and we were all finished and showered by one o’clock and ready for the drive back home.

Bob Newell.Bob Newell.

Coming in fourth in the second division was Peter Henderson with 33 points, Sel Wegner took third on 35, Jim Bell second with 37 points and in top spot today on count back over Jim was Barry Copestake with a similar 37-pointer.

There was a three-way count back for the minor places in division 1, all on 38 points, with Lloyd Shuttleworth getting fourth, Paul Bourke third, and Bobby Driggs second.  First place meanwhile went to John Ryves with a great round of 41 points.

There were three ‘2’s coming from Paul Hack, Paul Bourke and Bob Newell.  The near pins, once again donated by Zac, went to Craig Wheeler, Bob Philp, Saeng Ryves and Paul Bourke.

Taking third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the overall standings, all with 105 points, were Gary Ritchie, Jim Bell, Rosco Langoulant and Kevin Wild respectively.  Claiming the bragging rights for this trip however were Sell Wegner and Bob Newell, both 109 points each.

Wednesday, April 9, Green Valley – Stableford

We got away to an early start today as there were no other people on the course and we were around in 3 hours 40 minutes.  The course was in great condition with the greens fast as usual.

The scores left a little bit to be desired so it was up to the girls to show the way home today with two ladies in the winner’s circle.

In a three-way count back on 31 points, Jack Butler placed fifth, Lloyd Shuttleworth fourth and Eng Cotterell third respectively.  34 points secured second place for Peter LeNoury and coming in first was Nichawan Khiaophuang (Sa) with 36.

There were no ‘2’s recorded so everything went out in prizes.

Friday, April 11, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Just a small field today playing at Khao Kheow and we got off to an early start, which was just as well as a storm hit the course as were leaving the last hole.  The course was in great condition but the greens were a little slow.

Barney, Roachy Capt Bob and Rosco on the tee at Panorama.Barney, Roachy Capt Bob and Rosco on the tee at Panorama.

The scoring went down to third place which was taken by Lloyd Shuttleworth with an even par round of 36 points.  Coming second was Capt Bob with 37 points and first by a country mile was Craig Wheeler with a magnificent 43 points.

There were no ‘2’s scored even though the Capt had a four-footer and still missed from that distance.

Note:  The Billabong Golf Bar is situated just off Siam Country Club Road looking straight down Lake Mabprachan.  Give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 if you are looking for a game.