Webber wows them at Emerald


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Monday, Sept. 2, The Emerald – Stableford

It didn’t take long for Welshman Alun Webber to make it to the top of the pile after he returned yet again on another visit to Pattaya.  The Casanova of the Valleys took time off from wooing the ladies to completely dominate the rest of the field at Emerald this week.

On Monday morning, the stalwarts of the TRGG set off to play Emerald all believing they had a chance of winning.  Only a few hours later they all learnt the error of their ways and became aware of the truth – that being that when Alun Webber is in the groove nobody can live with him.  The old rascal knocked up 41pts and walked off with the prize money leaving the rest of us to weep.

Alun Webber (left) with friend.Alun Webber (left) with friend.

My playing partner Yoshiya Ebina came in second after playing an excellent round which included scoring 11pts in just three consecutive holes including a 2 on a par three hole.  Roger Wilkinson took time off from his Thai lessons to take third place.

1st Alun Webber (20) 41pts

2nd Yoshiya Ebina (19) 37pts

3rd Roger Wilkinson (11) 34pts

Tuesday, Sept. 3, Crystal Bay – Stableford

On Tuesday at Crystal Bay (A and B courses), Fergus Brennan returned from having his recent dental work done and played a fantastic round of golf to rack up 39pts.  They used to call Jack Nicklaus the “Golden Bear”, well Fergus is now known as the “Gummy Bear” but he assures us he will get his film star good looks back in a few weeks when he gets his implants put in.  Despite his excellent score it was only good enough for third place.

A new player at the TRGG, Purangsal Rungratree, now that is a name you don’t hear very often, just managed to pip Jim Cooper on count back for top spot, both returning with an incredible 40pts each.

1st Purangsal Rungratree (18) 40pts

2nd Jim Cooper (13 40pts

3rd Fergus Brennan (13) 39pts

Thursday, Sept. 5, Phoenix – Stableford

On Thursday it was back up to Phoenix as usual to once again play Mountain and Lakes and Fergus Brennan, old “Gummy Bear” was at it again.  Playing as consistently as Jack Nicklaus he headed the field and walked off with first place.  Yoshiya Ebina and Mod Chaviraksa finished in second and third respectively only being separated on count back.

1st Fergus Brennan (12) 35pts

2nd Yoshiya Ebina (18) 34pts

3rd Mod Chaviraksa (12) 34pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG, please phone Fergus Brennan on 086 056 7019 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists which are posted on the notice board.