Wayne wins on a wet Wednesday in Pattaya

Wayne Peppernell played the course and conditions very well to score a solid 38 points for the win.

PSC Links Golf Society

Wednesday, Sept. 2
Greenwood B+C
September already! Is it me getting old or are these days and months really going quicker than before?

September also saw us run out of luck at Greenwood. After being washed out at a game during July, and receiving a rain check for that, we have had many days with dark clouds overhead at this course, but managed to get through the day dry.

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Right on our start time today came the first tentative sprinkle of rain, but not enough to stop our first two groups from teeing off. They completed one or two holes and the rain became heavier and increased in strength, and lasted for almost an hour.

Wet, but undaunted, our four groups carried on and all finished the round.

The course was a little wet when we started and carts were restricted to the paths and then, after the rain, the fairways were much wetter and any run out there before was just about stopped.

However, the greens are in such good condition that, apart from slowing slightly, gave a smooth, excellent roll, so no excuses if you putted poorly.

Wayne Peppernell, even though he was given wrong information about lift, clean and place, played the course and conditions very well to score a solid 38 points for the win.

A similar story for Huw Phillips, also scoring 38 points, but just pipped in the countback and a taking a well-earned second placing.

In the same group as Huw, Martin Patch was right there with a bit of a revival after some lessons recently, to score 37 points to take third spot.

Tommy Marshall won the ‘best back nine’ with 19 points after a slip up by the organizer initially awarded the prize to Tony Browne. All sorted, fortunately. Mike Firkin won a countback for ‘best front nine’ with 16 points.

Winners at Greenwood

1st Place – Wayne Peppernell (15) – 38 pts c/back

2nd Place – Huw Phillips (14) – 38 pts

3rd Place – Martin Patch (15) – 37 pts

Best Front Nine (non winners) – Mike Firkin – 16 pts c/back

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Tommy Marshall – 19 pts

This course is almost always in very good condition and the greens never fail us. At the Sports Day price, or using vouchers, it is good value and all players enjoy coming here.


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