Wayne Cotterell takes first at overcast Green Valley


PSC Billabong golf
Wednesday, 6th Oct.
Green Valley Country Club

Two Billabong groups played Green Valley Country Club Wednesday in overcast weather conditions. The course is drying out and getting so you can get a little run on the ball instead of it stopping where it hits the ground.

The scoring wasn’t too bad either, with Keith Allen shooting a handicap equaling 36 points to take 3rd place. Mikael Andersson scored just one point more to take 2nd place, and the organizer on the day, Wayne Cotterell, took 1st place with 39 points.

Once again only one two was scored, by Sel Wegner.

A special thanks to Cottee for his organizing skills as it’s pot luck who you get when playing this course, with surprise turn ups from one week to the next.