Watson as good as gold


PSC Golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Jan. 11, Green Valley – Monthly Medal

A Flight

1st Bob Watson (3) net 68

2nd Dave Stockman (9) net 70

3rd Chaten Patel (12) net 72

B Flight

1st Phil Davies (15) net 69

2nd Tom Byrne (16) net 69

3rd Pat Regan (14) net 71

C Flight

1st Marcus Earp (36) net 71

2nd Mick Beresford (18) net 72

3rd Gabriel Enright (22) net 72

Red Flight

1st Bruce Berlin (19) net 72

2nd William Peach (16) net74

Near Pins:  No 5 Patrick McManus, No 8 Gabriel Enright, No 12 Pat Reagan, No 16 Tony Pierone.

Bob Watson (centre) with Colin Davis (left) and Freddy Starbeck.Bob Watson (centre) with Colin Davis (left) and Freddy Starbeck.

The championship of twelve months of medal competition was on the table on Sunday, Jan 11, as the members of the golf society, who had won each of the twelve monthly medal competitions of 2014, vied for what is certainly one of the top two awards of the society’s golf calendar.  And the winner was…Aussie star Bob Watson.

Bob fashioned a net 71 off his 3 handicap and his coronation attests to his golfing ability.  Dave Stockman was two strokes off the pace for the A Flight silver and had a two shot cushion over Chaten ‘the raja’ Patel who closed the flight.

Welshman Phil Davies struck gold again in B Flight with a count back decision over Ireland’s Tom Byrne, both tied on net 69’s.  Tom’s fellow countryman Pat Regan rounded out the flight with a net 71.

Marcus Earp was top gun in C Flight with a steady net 71.  A few old dogs (competition wise that is, not age) were hot on his heels in the form of Mickey ‘nine holes’ Beresford, Gabriel Enright and Barry Tregurtha, all one stroke adrift.  Mickey emerged from the pile holding the silver and Gabriel with the bronze, although the bronze prize somehow fell to Barry.

In the Red and Senior Flight, Bruce Berlin turned up trumps with an even par round to top the standings, closely followed by Bill Peach two shots back.

Nine players shared the 2’s pot.

Back at Lewiinski’s, Bob received a lead crystal glass for the January 2015 medal and one for the gold of 2014.  He also received a bottle of Jameson’s Irish whiskey and his name will also be added to the Lewinski wall of shame.

Monday, Jan. 12, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

1st Gordon Wallace (13) 36pts

2nd john O’Neil (19) 35pts

3rd Peter Hynard (19) 34pts

A relatively modest group took on Greenwood A & B layouts that played long, with a very stiff wind also to contend with and no one bettered their handicap.

Gordon Wallace was the man of the match as his even par round was best on the day.  John O’Neil followed Gordon into the barn a shot adrift and left Peter ‘fluent in Thai’ Hynard and Bruce ‘Mr. nice guy’ Berlin to battle it out for third, but alas nice guys finish last, especially when you are up against the guile of Mr. Hynard in a count back.

No 2’s were recorded so a rollover on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Jan. 13, Bangpra – Stableford

A Flight

1st john Carlton (12) 36pts

2nd Maurice Roberts (12) 35pts

3rd Les Cobban (7) 32pts

B Flight

1st Mike Jeffreys (96) 37pts

2nd Richard Hughes (19) 36pts

3rd Bruce Berlin (15) 33pts

C Flight

1st Barry Oats (24) 34pts

2nd Mick Coghlan (20) 33pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (20) 33pts

If you want to see how well you are playing, take a trip to Bangpra and see your game really put to the test.  This is a super golf course that has it all; lightning fast and tricky greens and a really tough layout.  All in all, the type of course we like to play but not too often or else our belief in our own brilliance would take a big knock.

We had a large field for our trip to this super course, all setting out with high hopes but most were to be dashed, as is usual here, by the end of the round.  As the cards started to come in it was apparent that the scores would be low, and if one bettered par they would have a very good chance of winning, and indeed that is exactly what happened.

Mike ‘the welsh wizard’ Jeffreys was the only player to better his handicap.  Mike’s B Flight winning 37 points was one clear of Richard Hughes and a further three clear of Mike’s fellow Welshman, Phil Davies.

John Carlton was top man in A Flight with a steady even par round.  John was one stroke clear of Maurice Roberts as Les Cobban tided up the flight with 32 points.

The C Flight boys and girls found the going tough as Barry Oats picked up the gold with 34 points.  Mick Coghlan, who can certainly hit the ball off the tee, calmed down the rest of his game and did the unthinkable by edging Peter ‘the silver surfer’ for the silver, both a shot shy of Barry.  Peter was not at all bothered as he shared a large rollover ‘2’s pot with Maurice Roberts.

Wednesday, Jan. 14, Bangpakong – Stableford

A Flight

1st Roger Emery (13) 41pts

2nd Reg McKay (15) 40pts

3rd Thierry Petrement (12) 36pts

B Flight

1st Jayson Schendri (18) 35pts

2nd Tore Eliassen (19) 34pts

3rd Bruce Berlin (19) 34pts

Some late rescheduling afforded the society an opportunity to visit old friend Bangpakong Riverside and enjoy some of the roadside construction that seems to dominate the northern corridor.

Roger Emery showed no ill effects from the slightly longer drive as he led A Flight with his 41 points ahead of Buckie boy Reg McKay one shot adrift.  Thierry Petrement filled the last podium position.

Jayson Schendri took the laurels in B Flight with 35 points while the minor flight places went to Tore Eliassen and Bruce Berlin respectively after Tore edged a count back on 34.

Thierry Petrement, Michel Delatraz and Walter Baechli shared the ‘2’s pot

Thursday, Jan. 15, Plutaluang N & W – Stableford

A Flight

1st Bob Watson (3) 37pts

2nd Peter Hynard (14) 36pts

3rd Tom McManus (13) 32pts

B Flight

1st Phil Davies (15) 35pts

2nd Clive Mathews (16) 32pts

3rd Hakan Hedland (28) 27pts

The North and West courses were the venue for Thursday.  The course was in fine condition and so were the scores.

The man in the bold print, Aussie star Bob Watson, turned in another match winning performance with 37 points; Bob was also the only player to better his handicap.  Peter ‘fluent in Thai’ Hynard followed Bob up the podium steps and the final podium place went to a count back as Tom McManus showed no chivalry, edging Belle of the Bar Anne Stokes off the steps.

Phil Davies topped it out B Flight with a steady 35 points and would have been three clear of Clive Mathews in second if he had renewed his PSC handicap; instead it was given to John O’Neil on 32 points.  The bronze was handed to the very grateful Hakan Hedland with 27 points.

Bob Watson (a brace), Pen Crruthers and Troy Jetton shared the ‘2’s pot.

Friday, Jan. 16, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

A Flight

1st Paul Smith (3) 36pts

2nd Paul Heyworth (6) 31pts

3rd Paul Bray (6) 30pts

B Flight

1st Hhenk-ter (18) 30pts

2nd Chris Reed (17) 27pts

3rd Frank McNamara (17) 27pts

C Flight

1st Ed Delaney (28) 32pts

2nd Joe Tynan (19) 32pts

3rd Christy Knight (22) 29pts

Silver/Red Flight

1st Jim Elphick (24) 34pts

2nd Vera Morgan (23) 33pts

The week wrapped up with a visit to the very challenging Mountain Shadow where no player managed to better his handicap, but A Flight did throw up the man of the match – Paul ‘junior’ Smith with a solid even par round.  Paul was five strokes clear of Paul Heyworth and a count back was required to separate Paul Bray and Tom McManus, with Paul (Bray that is) getting the nod.

The B Flight podium top spot went to Hhenk-ter Braak with just 30 points.  Nial McManus would have stood on the middle step had he been a member, so the minor flight places went to a count back between Chris Reed and Fran McNamara, Chris edging Big Frank for the flight silver.

C Flight faired little better with the 32 points of Ed Delaney winning the gold, but Ed did need the aid of a count back decision to edge John O’Neil.  Four players were log-jammed on 29 points in a count back for the flight bronze as Christy Knight waved goodbye to Terry ‘pork chop’ Mangan, Tore Eliaseen and John Hartigan.  I think only Tore was not a Paddy in this flight.

The Red and Silver Flight was the domain of Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick with 34 points as Vera Morgan closed the flight a shot adrift.

Paul Young (a brace), Bernard Courbe and Nial McManus shared a very healthy ‘2’s pot.

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