Warberg on top at the Mountain


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Wednesday, July 20, Pattana – Stableford

This is another course that is becoming a regular on our schedule. Not too far from Pattaya, it is a very fine layout of three nines and a clubhouse that is for me the best on any in the area. Of course it does not make it the cheapest – but here you get all that you pay for.

Dick Warberg (left) with Gerd Riedler.
Dick Warberg (left) with Gerd Riedler.

On this day we had agreed a Tuesday sport rate with the course and had agreed to play on the Wednesday, and we had quite a good turnout.

At present it is raining all over the place and it only seems a few days ago everywhere was as dry as a bone.  On the drive up there the roads were very wet and as we went via a ‘Mashi Route’ the back roads were deep in water in places and we even went through a flooded stream.

On arrival we were soon booked in and out to the first tee.  The play for the day was to be the A & B nines and as it had rained so much, the carts were to be driven only on the cart paths.  Not too bad if you hit the ball straight, or have a slice as a right hander, but can be a bit difficult if the ball is the other side of the fairway.

The course was wet and in some places very soggy, but all in all was in very good condition with lush fairways and greens that were fast and true.  The major problem was that with the rain of late it got very hot and humid, still what a great day out.

George King and John Pirelle with one of BJ Holiday Lodge’s finest.
George King and John Pirelle with one of BJ Holiday Lodge’s finest.

Round over it was back to home base and soon into the results.  We had some good scores and as we were playing ‘Course Handicaps’ it was nice to see.  The winner on the day was George King with a fine 39 points ahead of John Pirelle in second with 38.  We then had Takeshi Hakozaki in third with 37 points ahead of a count back on 36 that saw John Anderson in fourth over Derek Brook and Dick Warberg.

Near Pins: Dick Warberg, Brian Parish, John Pirelle.

Friday, July 22, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

Time again for the Tropical Golfers to try their skills at Mountain Shadow, a scenic and deceptively tricky course with a couple of difficult par-3 holes and enough jungle and water to test even the best.  Sixteen golfers met at the BJ Holiday Lodge to assemble and get their fill.  Worries about the weather go daily this time of year, and hoping for the best we all set out.

Eventually, and we do mean eventually, all golfers made it to the correct course.  Does that mean someone went to the wrong one?  Our lips are sealed – for now, Dick.  Nevertheless all were ready on the first tee in time.

During the round it went from cloudy, to just the slightest rain, to hot and sunny, and back to cloudy, something for everyone.  Mt. Shadow is in good to excellent condition now.  To look for faults, about 3-4 greens had patches and creeper weeds were too common, but for the most part fairways and greens were very good.  No excuses there and the scores showed that, coming in pretty good for the number of golfers.

The top of the mountain showed Dick Warberg (CH 24) proudly displaying his 40 points.  Dick is also on a runaway to be Golfer of the Month title. Stay tuned, two rounds to go including the Monthly Medal.  Very near the peak was Gerd Riedler (9) with 38 off his impressive handicap, and moving down the slope was John Perrel (17) with 37, Mashi Kaneta (17) with a fine 36, and thanks to a long par 3, Alan Sullivan (11) with 35 points.  Congrats to all.

Near Pins: Gerd Riedler, John Pierrel, Alan Sullivan.