Voller in top form at Greenwood


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Dec. 23, Greenwood C & A – Stableford

Three divisions out today with the best score coming from Chris Voller (H/cap 9) whose 42 gave him top spot in division 1 ahead of John Chambers in second on 37 and Martin Grimoldby third with 35. 

Rudi Schaefer was the winner in division 2 with 37 points and Michael Healy beat Jerry McCarthy and Kari Aarnio for second on an 18/17/16 back-nine count back after they all came in with 33 points each.

Dennis ScougallDennis Scougall

Bob Poole claimed division 3 honours with 38 points, beating Pepo Frick on a 21/18 back-nine count back and in third place was Chris Reed with 35.

John Chambers, Martin Grimoldby and Klaus shared the near pins in division 1 and there were none in the other flights.  John Chambers also birdied the 6th on the A course and Matti H on C3 to split the division 1 ‘2’s pot.

Thursday, Dec. 26, Green Valley – Rainbow Stableford

There were 32 players out today in eight groups so we had three divisions with the splits coming at 6-14, 15-19 and 20+.

Mika Viljakainen returned the best score of the day to win division 1 with 39 points.  John Chambers came in second with 35 and Raivo Velsberg was third on 33.

After an eight month golfing sabbatical and still playing off 15, Ya Riley topped division 2 with 34 points, one ahead of Ger Lodge ins second and Michael Healey beat Sulis on a 13/12 back-nine count back for third after they both came in with 29 points.

Jorma Heinjok’s 34pts was the best score returned in division 3 and he was followed in by Pepo Frick in second on 32 and Charlie Charalambous in third place with 31.

Near pins went to John Chambers, Lindsay Phillips, Klaus Tschinder, Raivo Velsberg, Glenn Martin, Richard Owen and Harry Riley.

There were six ‘2’s in division 1, coming from John Chambers, Peter Pedder, Lindsay Phillips, Horst Starchl and Raivo Velsberg (2), while Glenn Martin and Harry Riley shared the pot in division 2.

Friday, Dec. 27, Eastern star – Stableford

Despite a reducing handicap Chris Voller was back in the frame today, winning division 1 with 38 points after beating Marty Rock on a 20/19 back-nine count back.  Horst Starchl placed third just one point off the pace.

Mike ChattMike Chatt

After 40 points the previous Friday, and a reduction of two off his handicap, Walter Weber returned with 38 points today to win division 2, while Iain Walsh was second with 33 after edging Pepo Frick on a 19/14 back-nine count back.

Near pins were claimed by Marty Rock (2), Horst Starchl (2), Pepo Frick, Eiichi Matsumoto, Eugine Maguire and Iain Walsh.

Eiichi Matsumoto birdies the 6th for the only ‘2’ in either division.

Monday, Dec. 30, Pattavia – Stableford

32 players out today with the cut at 5-19 and 20 plus and Chris Reed returned the best score to win division 2 with 37 points.  Bob Poole came in second with 34 points and Andy Oz was third with 33.

In division 1, Mike Chatt was the winner with an even par 36 points and Chris Voller beat Horst Starchl 22/17 on count back after they both signed for 35 points each.

There were six ‘2’s in division 1 from Mike Chatt, Billy Fitzgerald. Ger Lodge, Terry Madsen and two from Jerry McCarthy, while in division 2 there was a rollover to Pleasant Valley next Monday.

Near pins went to Mike Chatt, Martin Grimoldby and Jerry McCarthy (2).

Thursday, Jan. 2, Plutaluang E & S – Stableford

Chris Reed played his best round for a long time today, winning division 2 with a fine 40 points to finish 2 up on Walter Weber in second and five ahead of Pepo Frick in third.

Dennis Scougall also shot 40 points to win division 1, while Roope took second with 36 and Volker Suhr placed third after beating Chris Voller 19/12 on the back nine, both coming in with 32 points each.

There were no ‘2’s in either division today so a double rollover to Pleasant Valley on Monday.

Near pins were shared around among Roope, Horst Starchl, Chris Voller (2), William Chang, Bryan Priestley and Sulis.

Friday, Jan. 3, Eastern Star – Stableford

We had nine groups out today and the cut was made at 8-15, 16-20 and 21+.

Playing off 21, Jim Connelly returned the highest score of the day to win division 3 with 38 points while Joe Kubon came in second with 34 points and Bruce Gardner was third with 32.

Wilf Latham topped division 1 with 37 points and surprisingly Billy Fitzgerald came in second with a meager 34, one ahead of Chris Voller in third.

In top form this week, Dennis Scougall took pole position in division 2 with 37 points, three up on Frank Kelly in second and Rudi Schaefer was third on 33.

Max Alabor birdied the 6th to scoop the ‘2’s pot.

Near pins went to Max Alabor, Karl Flood, Horst Starchl, Volker Suhr, John Bisceglio, Pepo Frick, Josef Kranz and Iain Walsh.