Touhy in top form

Roger Touhy.
Roger Touhy.

PSC Golf from the Bunker Boys

Monday, Feb. 18, Crystal Bay B & C – Stableford

1st Colin Greig (12) 39pts

2nd John Hughes (19) 36pts

3rd Peter Kelly (11) 36pts

4th Tony Robbins (21) 35pts

5th Jimmy Carr (15) 35pts

The first game from our new home Woody’s Bar was played at Crystal Bay with a good turnout of twenty-two in attendance. The course was in the worst shape we have seen it in for a long time and now looks really neglected. The on-course irrigation system has broken down with dry bare patches all over the course coupled with soggy drenched areas where water leaks continue unattended. Many of the greens are showing wear and are variable in speed. Within the clubhouse and around the course toilets are broken and the overall impression is that the course needs a significant injection of funds to bring it back to good shape again.

Despite a couple of groups going out directly before us, the speed of play was not too bad. Colin Greig is normally expected to win at this venue and he did just that with thirty-nine points. Second place went to the wily John Hughes with a superior back nine to Peter Kelly who took third, both with thirty-six points. Fourth and fifth were also locked on the same score of thirty-five points with Tony Robbins edging out Jimmy Carr.

Near pins went to Tom McMurray, Keith Norman, Jimmy Carr, & Colin Greig.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, Greenwood A & B – Stableford

1st RobbyWatts (9) 39pts

2nd Tony Robbins (21) 38pts

3rd Geoff Cox (18) 38pts

4th Peter Kelly (11) 37pts

5th Ken Davidson (23) 37pts

6th Tom McMurray (17) 36pts

For the second time in a week, we had a very good field of thirty golfers for our round at the popular Greenwood course. Just about everyone was full of praise for the course and its condition, with the exception of the bunkers which were overfilled with very fluffy soft sand resulting in a fried egg lie just about every time.

Once again Robby Watts took the honors with a stylish thirty-nine points. Tony Robbins and Geoff Cox were both on thirty-eight separated on countback as were Peter Kelly and Ken Davidson in fourth and fifth respectively on thirty-seven. Tom McMurray put thoughts of his roof space aside for the day and rounded out the scoring with thirty-six points.

Near pins went to John Hughes, Geoff Cox and two to Keith Norman.

History repeated itself for Ken Elmore when he pulled his tee shot on the eighteenth into the cabbage left of the fairway as he did last time throwing out an anchor on thirty-eight points. Unfortunately, no anchor required this time as he finished his tour of duty with perhaps his lowest score in two months.

Friday, Feb. 22, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

1st Roger Touhy (13) 42pts

2nd Tom McMurray (17) 39pts

3rd Tony Robbins (21) 37pts

4th John Oatway (13) 36pts

5th Brendan Harnett (13) 36pts

We had a group of twenty for our game at Pleasant Valley in hot humid conditions. The course was very crowded and by the time our tee off time came along we were left with only trainee caddies. The layout was damp in places necessitating lift, clean, and place, unusual in high season.

Roger Touhy was in scintillating form and scorched round the course in forty-two points, putting like a pro. Tom McMurray was also in good shape and shot a solid thirty-nine points. Tony Robbins, who doesn’t like the course somehow managed a very good score of thirty-seven so now we can expect no more gripes. John Oatway, one of the Memorial winning team, took fourth place, with Brendan Harnett rounding out the scoring in fifth with thirty-six.

Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Robbie Watts, Keith Norman, and Michael Brett.