Tottenham tops the table

Mike Tottenham (left) with Phil Davies.
Mike Tottenham (left) with Phil Davies.

PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society

Monday, May 7, Eastern Star – Stableford

1st Mike Tottenham (22) 37pts

2nd Joe Nagle (13) 35pts

3rd Pete Seil (6) 34pts

4th Mike Firkin (23) 32pts

There was no lull in the heavily overcast conditions on Monday, as the Pattaya Links Golf Society visited Eastern Star to play a stableford competition off the white tees.

From the start the course, which was in good order throughout, was surrounded by sombre black clouds, and thunder echoed all around. Excessive humidity made the day an uncomfortable one but a tight competition nevertheless ensued.

In fourth place was Mike Firkin with 32 points, a couple behind Pete Seil in third with 34. The runner-up was Joe Nagle with 35 points, leaving Mike Tottenham the winner with 37, the day’s only sub-par round.

Near pins went to Pete Seil (3), Bill Copeland (6) and Joe Nagle (17) whilst the thirteenth kept its secrets to itself as no golfer managed to find the “short stuff” on this day.

Consolation awards went to Tip Briney for his best front nine of 18 points and Derek Phillips for the pick of the back nines with 20 points.

Wednesday, May 9, Burapha – Stableford

1st Colin Service (21) 37pts

2nd Peter Petursen (7) 37pts

3rd Fergus Brennan (14) 37pts

4th Terry Dreier (15) 35pts

Golfers are a hardy breed! How else could you describe a dozen golfers hell bent on tackling Burapha A and B on a day which was to show on course temperatures of 41 degrees and a humidity level of 90 percent.

Such was the Pattaya Links Golf Society’s predicament on Wednesday, 9th May. The course was in excellent condition but shirts, and in some cases shorts, were soon wet and in twenty years one of the golfers had never known it as tough as this.

Two shirts later as the round drew to a close scores were very close. In fourth place on 35 points was Terry Dreier, but three golfers were ahead of him, all on 37 points. Count-back was needed to place Fergus Brennan in third with 37 points and Iceland’s Petur Petursen as runner-up with the same score.

An excellent back nine of 21 points saw Colin Service take the main prize, again with 37 points.

Consolation awards went to Walter Baechli for his best front nine of 21 points and Tommy Marshall with the day’s best back nine of 18 points.

Friday, May 11,
Khao Kheow – Stableford

1st Barry Wellings (6) 36pts

2nd Colin Service (21) 34pts

3rd Mike Firkin (23) 33pts

4th Dom Downey (12) 33pts

Twenty-one golfers set off today, ready to tackle Khao Kheow off the longer yellow tees.  With the recent rains KK has been receiving, the course played much longer as there was very little roll on the fairways, but the greens here are almost always in good shape and today lightly brushed with sand they played as good as we expected.

Only one flight today and Barry Wellings headed the leaderboard with a handicap equalling 36 points. With his handicap of just 6, that is a fine effort. He says his return to using blades (that’s a type of golf club for the uninitiated) is working well.

Colin Service had a win two days earlier and continued that good form here to take second place with 34 points.

Mike Firkin has had his ups and downs with form, and at one stage during the day was commenting that he might have lost it again. However, 33 points to take third place may have caused a rethink. Fourth place went to Dom Downey also with 33 points but beaten on count-back by Mike.

It’s always a little bonus to have your name called for “being nearest the pin” We had four chances and all four were won by Ian Corica (B3), Gabriel Enright (B8), Tommy Marshall (A3), and Peter Henshaw (A5)

Consolation “best nine” scores came from Phil Davies (front, 16pts) and Petr Pedursen (back, 17pts).