Top cops beat the lot


PSC golf from The Golf Club

Monday, May 14, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Kalani Makaneole (8) 41pts

2nd John Emmerson (12) 40pts

3rd Gavin Perfect (12) 39pts

4th Mark Wood (8) 37pts

Some guys can get off a plane, stroll onto the first tee, and shoot 5 strokes better than their handicap.  There must be a unique skill to that, and it is one that I do not possess.  You are not supposed to be that good, that quickly!

Kalani never heard of any of that and waltzed away with first place on a golf day with a full sheet of golfers.  The big guy Kalani is a policeman from Hawaii and regularly leaves his paradise to join us here in our sleepy little fishing village.  Well played to the top cop Kalani.  Aloha bruddah.

Kalani, John Emmerson and Mark Wood. Kalani, John Emmerson and Mark Wood.

Emmo must have been thinking he had a shot at it, 40 points is a great score on any golf day.  The celebratory cigars were lit anyway to congratulate Kalani on his big win.  Maybe next time Johnny.

Gavin nearly had a near ‘Perfect’ round with his 39 points, a very good score on the day.

Mark Wood (shortest backswing in Pattaya, according to the Guinness Book of World records) grew up on the links courses of Scotland and is always in contention for the prizes.  On another day he would have won, but today’s score put him in 4th after a solid round of 37.

Thanks to all for joining us!

Wednesday, May 16, Bangpra (white tees) – Stableford

1st -Bob Newell (7) 34pts

2nd Ken Aihara (4) 34pts

3rd Henry O’Brien (19) 33pts

4th Karsten Kristensen (8) 31pts

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Bob Newell, former Wormwood Scrubber.  Bob escorted many a Brit back home for the pleasure of Her Majesty, and our former Golf Manager and former top cop done good on the day.

The ‘Monkey Course’ was our destination this Wednesday and we knew there was a tough day of golf ahead of us.  This course is usually dry and hard this time of year, but not so tight today.  Sweeping the ball off the fairway is still the order of the day, and that is no easy task.  Great round Bob, even if it was just a 34 hard earned points.

Ken Aihara was also back on form and gave Bob a run for his money, but sadly lost on count back.  Henry O. was just one shot out with his ‘dirty tree’ and Karsten K. finished off the leaderboard with 31.  With a name like Karsten, he must have sunk a few putts out there today.

Our thanks go out to Brad Sproxton (once again) who has come out of Golf Manager retirement (once again) to run the golf today (once again).  Big thanks buddy.  We owe you several Molson’s… allegedly!

It was goodbye this week to Mutzie Metzigan, Stevie Snelgrove, and hello to Kris Kritsanajootha, Dale Shier.

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