Tony Oakes re-elected as Pattaya Sports Club President


The Pattaya Sports Club’s Annual General Meeting, held on Saturday morning, June 18, at the Town-in-Town Hotel, was well attended by over 70 elective and founder members.

Peter Malhotra, Chairman of the Pattaya Sports Club Association, the governing body of the Pattaya Sports Club, congratulated incumbent President Tony Oakes and his board of directors for their dedication to the good causes of sports and charity.

The 2011-12 PSC Committee members:  Standing (L-R) Joe Mooneyham (Golf), Paul Donahue (Secretary), Nigel Cannon (Social), William Macey (Charity); Seated (L-R) Bobby Clark (Vice President), Tony Oakes (President) and Bob Lindberg (Treasurer).The 2011-12 PSC Committee members:  Standing (L-R) Joe Mooneyham (Golf), Paul Donahue (Secretary), Nigel Cannon (Social), William Macey (Charity); Seated (L-R) Bobby Clark (Vice President), Tony Oakes (President) and Bob Lindberg (Treasurer).

“On behalf of the PSC Association committee, I wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all the PSC members who have collectively contributed your time, energy and resources to charity projects in our community,” said Peter.  “The Pattaya Sports Club’s main concern is to improve the health and wellbeing of our children, which you have done without fail and with success.  Your focus on giving our children a decent education is most commendable.”

Tony Oakes was re-elected as PSC President for the next 12 months.Tony Oakes was re-elected as PSC President for the next 12 months.

President Tony Oakes made his annual report followed by reports from the other committee chairmen.  Tony stated, “This has been a great year for the Pattaya Sports Club.  We were very successful in terms of maintaining our membership numbers and increasing our charity work.  Thank you all for your support and good work in promoting sports and supporting local charities.”

Elections were then held to select the president and the board of directors for the 2011-12 year and the results showed that Tony Oakes was re-elected as President for another term.

Others elected to the new PSC Committee were, Bobby Clark-Vice President, Paul Donahue-Secretary, Bob Lindberg-Treasurer, William Macey-Charity, Joe Mooneyham-Golf, Bjarne Nielsen-Registrar and Nigel Cannon-Social.

Mike Johnston retains his seat in the Founder’s Chair and special recognition was awarded to Past President Herbie Ishinaga who was also presented with a Life Membership in the Pattaya Sports Club.

The newly re-elected President said that his golf academy initiative, which started last year, had changed the skills of two young Thai golfers out of all recognition and on the back of this he plans to extend the project over the coming year.

Tony also pointed out that times were changing fast and that the Pattaya Sports Club had to move forward whilst holding on to their foundations and rules and that now they are looking at more ways to keep children off the streets by getting them involved in sports.

William Macey ,who was re-elected for a third year as the Charity Chairman of Pattaya Sports Club, said that in the last year he had shifted his focus by trying to contact smaller groups in Pattaya that required some assistance and support, many of these groups he explained did not have websites and were working somewhat alone.  William would approach them and find out about their projects and did what he could to help them.

PSC has good relations with Rotary, YWCA and the Jesters in Pattaya and that network helped them identify problems and find solutions in a streamlined fashion, explained William.

The Charity Chairman also reiterated on the President’s remarks regarding how society now faced new challenges such as trying to get City Hall to back an initiative so that all Internet cafes have a code of conduct that will make them tell children about arranging liaisons over the internet which could be not what they seem to be.  William stated that if the initiative takes off, there are plans to roll this info out to kids in local schools.