The Wintons make a great return


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, Dec. 27, Greenwood – 2 person scramble

1st Barry Winton & Ohn Winton (13) 49pts

2nd Russell Exley & Mike Dabanovich (7) 47pts

3rd Mikael Jansson & Roar Berger (15) 43pts

4th Stuart Thompson & Alex Sala (10) 43pts

After a hiatus of almost 21 months caused by a series of accidents and illnesses, Barry Winton returned to competitive golf to play with his wife Ohn, who had not played competitively herself for an even longer period, to win the 2-person stableford scramble with a very commendable level par gross round that included just one bogey and one birdie and sixteen pars at the superbly conditioned Greenwood layout, by a two shot margin.

Barry & Ohn Winton.Barry & Ohn Winton.

Russell Exley and Mike Dabanovich also combined well to return a 68 gross to take second place ahead of Mikael Jansson and Roar Berger a further four behind them.

Stuart Thompson and Alex Sala held fourth place after losing a count-back for third by a margin of 20 to 19 over the inward half.

Due to the format the 2’s were suspended for the day.

Before presenting the prizes The Doc welcomed back Vance Millar, Barry and Ohn Winton and Patrick Scullion.

Wednesday, Dec. 29, Phoenix Blue tees – Monthly Medals

CSS 74

Division 1

1st John Shin (0) 71

2nd Al Keith (4) 75

3rd Marty Rock (11) 76

4th Rodney Hayes (9) 76

5th John Chambers (6) 76

5th Tom Byrne (13) 76

Division 2

1st Andy Galvin (17) 76

2nd Ger Lodge (19) 81

3rd Sean Banbury (22) 83

4th Bubble Davies (17) 83

5th Joe Niisato (16) 83

With an extremely stiff wind and playing from the blue tees over the Mountain and Lakes courses at the well prepared Phoenix course, it was always going to be a severe test of golf for even the best of the field.

John Shin.John Shin.

The best of the day belonged to John Shin, who is hoping to play on the Asian PGA Tour via the qualifying competitions to be held soon at Hua Hin, with a gross 71 that could have been a few better with one or two more putts dropping.  This was enough, by four clear, to take the first division Medal ahead of his playing partner Al Keith whose best efforts were just not quite enough.

Marty Rock put in a another steady round to take third place after a count-back with three others which he won with a better 37.6 over the Lakes nine.

Rodney Hayes took fourth with a count-back of 26 on the last six holes, after the three next best had tied at 38.5 for the inward half.

John Chambers finished fifth with 26.7 on the last six and Tom Byrne sixth with 28.7 over the last six.

The second division was a little higher in the scores with many of the placings believing they were well out of the hunt and being pleasantly surprised with their end results.

Andy Galvin took his first Medal out of The Haven with a fine round in the conditions of two over the CSS for the day, with Ger Lodge in second a few more shots adrift and Sean Banbury winning a three way count-back over Bubbles Davies and Joe Niisato by a margin of 39 to 40.5 and 42 respectively.

John Shin and Al Keith shared the first division 2’s pot while Paul Hartley and Evan Millar did the same in the second division.

Prior to the presentations there were welcomes for Sean Banbury, and Donal and Ciaran Lyne together with welcome backs for Mark Campbell and Ken Chambers.

Whilst the monthly Medals for December were being played, the finals of the Gold and Silver Medals were also being contested with the day’s card counting for both competitions if the player was qualified for the end of year playoffs.

In the event, with many of the second division unable to attend and a couple of no returns, only the Gold Medal was awarded in that division and that was taken by Evan Millar.

But a good turnout in the first division with two thirds of the winners competing, resulted in Marty Rock adding the Gold Medal to his two won during 2010 and Rodney Hayes taking the Silver Medal.

Division 1

Marty Rock – Gold Rodney Hayes – Silver

Division 2

Evan Millar – Gold

Friday, Dec. 31, Green Valley – Stableford

CSS 72

1st David Dines (7) 41pts

2nd Dave Stockman (4) 39pts

3rd Mike Hill (23) 36pts

4th Keith Emerson (12) 36pts

5th Tim Wilkinson (4) 34pts

6th Rob Hornsby (24) 34pts

A rather smaller turnout for the day was recorded after many players had played the previous day in the PGS Charity Scramble, but the quality of golf was still of the highest order with David Dines taking the top spot with a very good gross 74 which netted him 41 points and a shot winning margin over an equally fine round, which was even lower at gross 73 achieved by Dave Stockman on his return from abroad.

Andy Galvin.Andy Galvin.

Mike Hill slipped into third place with a solid level handicap round winning the count-back over Keith Emerson, in fourth, by a margin of 21 to 18.

Tim Wilkinson also had a happy return as he took fifth ahead of Robert Hornsby with a better count of 13 over the last six after they had tied the nine on 18 a piece.

Joe Niisato scored the only 2 in the second division to sweep the pool and David Dines and Dave Howden shared the first division.

Back at The Haven Robert Hornsby and Joe Niisato were welcomed as new members and Dave Stockman Nhwee Stockman, Cliff Hornsby, Keith Emerson, John Dahlseng and Brian and Tim Wilkinson were all welcomed back.

Note: If you would like to play with The Haven group you can contact mobile 084782 4582 or call in to the hotel at 185 Soi 13 between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.30 on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays on the days you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at