The Three Amigos complete a trilogy outside Pattaya

Winner Tony Browne, with Phil Davies presenting.

PSC Links Golf Society
Friday, June 11
Khao Kheow Golf Course C+A

There is a group of three who more often than not play together: Martin Patch, Mike Tottenham and Tony Browne, ‘the three amigos.’ Over this past week, all three have stepped up for one win each.

Tony Browne completed the ‘trilogy’ in style Friday with a score of 40 points, and we managed to get him into the Green Jacket.

It wasn’t all Tony, as Thierry Petrement, in his last game before flying out for a visit to his home country of France, had his best score for some time. 39 points got him second spot.

We tagged George Mueller ‘the bridesmaid’. What is one down from there? A maid-in- waiting?

Another fine, consistent, effort took George into third place with 37 points.

For the second consecutive game, Dave Arataki put two nines together and recorded a score of 36 points for the fourth spot.

Another one of ‘the amigos,’ Martin Patch, won a three way countback on 33 points to grab the final place.

Winners at Khao Kheow
1st Place – Tony Browne (17) – 40 pts
2nd Place – Thierry Petrement (11) – 39 pts
3rd Place – George Mueller (15) – 37 pts
4th Place – Dave Arataki (23) – 36 pts c/back
5th Place – Martin Patch (18) – 33 pts c/back x 3
Best Front Nine (non winners) – Paul Anderson – 18 pts
Best Back Nine (non winners) – Mike Firkin – 17 pts

The fairways on the two nines played are in very good condition, with plenty of run. However, for the second course in a week, the greens here, which are usually spotless, are looking pretty sad. The ‘C’ course more so, with many bare and darkening patches appearing. However, they did play truly, somehow.

We teed off twenty minutes early and our lead group made good time until about hole six, when coming up behind the dreaded, slow moving six ball, and then it was waiting every shot.

At the second nine, they were still there so, after our caddies complained a lot to the Marshal, it was suggested that we run ahead a few holes and come back later. En route to the fourth hole on ‘A’, we passed another two six balls. Looks like high season!

Unfortunately, our next couple of groups weren’t so lucky and two players, not happy about the situation, quit the game.

Finally, our condolences go out to the family and friends of one of Link’s popular and respected players, Peter Allen, who sadly, passed away this week. R.I.P Peter.