The scribe sneaks in for monthly honours


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, August 27, Green Valley – Stableford

This was a weird day with many of our players playing with Colin at Lewiinski’s as he had his 70th birthday competition.  We actually informed our players this was on and probably would have played except it was a Tuesday.  We wish Colin all the best and a happy 70th birthday, even if he is a young boy.

Back to the golf – we always enjoy this course and despite the fact that many of our players were missing, we still had three groups to tee off.  Not bad really for a quiet day.  I could also say that the weather was fine and it was one of those days you like to get out for a walk, as long as you have a cart.

Dick Warberg (right) graciously hands over the MBMG Group golfer of the month prize to Derek Brook.Dick Warberg (right) graciously hands over the MBMG Group golfer of the month prize to Derek Brook.

All who have played Green Valley know that this is always a great course and today was no different.  The wind did get a bit gusty at times, but the fairways were great and the greens tricky but sometimes the ball went in the hole.  Our four-ball were all playing well and it put the scribe in a good mood when his tee shot at the par three 16th hit the pin, but as is usual bounced off and finished 18 inches from the hole.  One day!!

Round over, I took the score cards in and was a bit surprised when Dick reminded me it was the end of the month and the MBMG Group golfer of the month award.  Where does the time go?  Wow, as it stood it looked like the winner on the day would be golfer of the month.

Friday’s top two - Don Carmody & Dick Warberg.Friday’s top two – Don Carmody & Dick Warberg.

Soon back at Bert’s we got the results underway a bit early as we had decided to go down and wish Colin a happy birthday.  The winner on the day, with a score of 39 points was the scribe, and it couldn’t have happened to a (nicer!!) man, my mother told me.  In second place was that perennial winner Mashi Kaneta with 36 points and in third was George King with 35 points on count back over Landis Brooks in fourth.

So the MBMG Group golfer of the month was your humble correspondent Derek Brook (well done me!) and Dick Warberg took it very well, as per the photo.  Then we stopped for quite a few before bimbling down to Lewiinski’s and having a few more.  And a great day was had by all.

Friday, August 30, Plutaluang – Stableford

The test for Friday was to be the West and North course at Navy, much beloved by some and not by others.  As is usual when we go to this venue I give it a miss as it’s not my favourite, but I am always disagreed with when I voice my dislike.  However, despite my personal reservations, it is well worth a visit as the people are friendly and the restaurant has a great view and is very good value.  Also they have a very good green fee rate.  Horses for courses!

I actually do not mind the South and East layouts when they are in good condition, but am not a person who likes playing off the broad leaf grass – very difficult to hit a wood off.

On this day I am told the course was in good condition, and even though a 3-ball and a 6-ball were slipped in between our first and second groups, the pace moved quite well.  As said, the fairways were in quite good condition and the greens although used were fast and a good test.

Back at Bert’s it was time for the results and it was noticeable that the course had won against all except the winner.  So the winner today with 37 points was Don Carmody and we then had a three-way count back on 32 points that saw Dick Warberg in second, Anders Pederson in third and George King in fourth.  T.T.F.N.