The Quiet Man strikes


The Backyard Golf Society

The Backyard Golf Society had a very quick (3½ hours) and enjoyable round at Emerald last Friday, Feb. 22.  The course was amazingly quiet and in fact we hardly saw any other players at all – a relief after the high season deluge of floggers. 

Martin, the Quiet Man, won the main prize today, his 35 points winning on count-back from Irish John.  The near-pin on hole 15 was won by Mickey the Yak, a superb lob to about 5 feet, though he did miss the birdie putt.  Irish John won 6 skins and the 4 rollovers from the previous week.  Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend won 5 skins, with 4 to Michelle Chatt, 2 to The Yak and 1 to the Quiet Man.

The Quiet Man and Irish John pose with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.The Quiet Man and Irish John pose with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

Terry the Mummy gave his group a superb display of hook shots, some almost coming back on themselves.  Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend’s domestic issues were a hot topic of conversation among his playing group and he and the Quiet Man then contrived to hurt their backs so the ladies down the road had their work cut out with massages.

Our one and only groupie, Army John, continues to support the group each Friday and helps to guide the Quiet Man home via the Jomtien market bars, where the Nang always gives us a warm welcome at SGB.  Next Saturday we have one of regular football pool beverage consumption sessions, so it may be a good idea for all sensible people to avoid the market area from about 4pm onwards!


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