The girls are back in town


Not that Pattaya needs more girls.  But these ones are not the “up to you” variety, but the “you want what?” variety.

Yes, after several years of being scattered around the globe, the Women With a Mission (WWM) are all back on the Eastern Seaboard.  This wonderful group of three expatriate women has been working tirelessly within Thailand for years.  They first came together to provide support for the tsunami victims who fell through the aid net in the south of Thailand.  Then, through work commitments of their husbands they were suddenly scattered across the globe, but they still managed to keep their organisation running.  The power of the Internet and Skype came to the fore.  Since the tsunami they have shifted their focus back into this part of Thailand as well as the refugee camps along the border of Burma.

The girls and their partners get some early practice in at Soi Dao Highlands Golf Resort. The girls and their partners get some early practice in at Soi Dao Highlands Golf Resort.

Rosy has been the cornerstone of the group.  She has remained a Pattaya resident while Bronwyn descended to Australia and Kylie was relocated to live in such exotic locations as Turkmenistan and Egypt.  Through all this they remained good friends, connected and importantly, kept their great charity movement alive.

The stars have finally aligned, and because of a series of bizarre career movements they all find themselves residents, once again of the Eastern Seaboard.  Soi Dao Highlands Golf Resort was chosen for their reunion event.  Wet weather prevailed.  It was galoshes rather than golf shoes, but all had a great time.

The girls are honing their golf skills in preparation for their major fundraiser of the year – the WWM Golf Tournament at the famed challenging Pattana Golf Resort close to Pattaya.  Kylie has previously avoided golf at all cost, but now finds herself enjoying bi-weekly lessons and the occasional ‘hack’ around a course.  Bronwyn is swinging away, and Rosy has been practicing her skills with close friends all year.

This article is a shameless plug for one of the greatest charities in Thailand.  The girls run the organisation with no expenses taken (but with the generous support of their husbands!), and put in hours of effort to assist the seriously disadvantaged within our borders.  This tournament will help feed and support literally hundreds of children.

Pattaya golfers have all sorts of opportunities to play the great courses of our area, and often support worthwhile causes while doing so.  The choices are many, but if you are going to support one other event this year, then we recommend the WWM 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament to you.  It is not just a case of giving; it is also a case of receiving.

Contact Kylie, Bronwyn or Rosy on [email protected] or 087-482 3520 (Kylie), 089-898 0658 (Bronwyn), or 081-865 0714 (Rosy) for more details.