Sweetnam sweeps to victory


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Dec. 17, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Since last month’s visit here there have now been some improvements to the condition of this course and the majority enjoyed the round, so we are now booked in here again in three weeks time.  There were eight groups out today and the first group teed ahead of schedule at 9.40.  

The cut today was 9-17 and 18+ and playing off 15 for the past three months and his last time today before his cut, Jerry Sweetnam won Division 1 with 43 points.  Peter Pedder took second place on 35 points and Mike Chatt beat Sid Crawley and Lindsay Phillips on a 19/16/15 back-nine count back after they all came in with 33 points.

Divisional winners at Plutaluang on Wednesday: Dennis Scougall, Mauri Frimam and Adrian Shelley. Divisional winners at Plutaluang on Wednesday: Dennis Scougall, Mauri Frimam and Adrian Shelley.

Mauri Friman won Division 2 with 37 points after beating Andy Oz on a 20/18 count back and Mike Fitzgerald came in third with a 21/18 count back win over Jean Morel, both scoring 34 points.

Near pins went to Dennis Scougall, Dave Stewart (2), Jerry Sweetnam, Kari Aarnio, Jim Connelly and Matti Ylitalo.

There was a rollover in the ‘2’s in division 1 and Steptoe’s old mate Rodney Howett birdied the 16th to take the pot in division 2.

Wednesday, Dec. 19, Plutaluang – Stableford

Our first visit here for three months due to reports of the condition of the courses on the four nines and we selected the West and North, our favourites and probably the best test of golf here.

There were 37 out today with the cut at 9-16, 17-20 and 21 + in the three divisions.  Everyone enjoyed this choice today and the thought for the next round here is to play North and South, a different combination.

The Scottish boy, Dennis Scougall recorded the best score of the day, playing off 16 and winning Division 1 with 39 points.  Jerry Sweetnam was second with 37 points and Marty Rock took third on 35.

Andy Oz topped Division 3, beating Roar Berger on a 16/14 back nine count back after they both came in with 35 points, and at last Countback Burnie beat his playing companion Willy van Heetvelde on a 15/14 count back to come in on the winners list after they both shot 34’s today.

Mauri Friman was the winner in Division 2 with 35 points ahead of Nick Pad in second two points behind and Howard Stanley was third with 32.

Near pin awards were won by Mike Chatt, Lindsay Phillips, Marty Rock, David Stewart, Terry Hopkins, Rod Howett, Erkki Pohja and Howard Stanley.

David Stewart took the rollover ‘2’s pot from Pattaya Country Club with a birdie on the 6th on the North course in Division 1 and Terry Hopkins birdied the 8th on the West course for the only claim in division 2.

Friday, Dec. 21, Eastern Star – Stableford

Another very hot day for this time of the year where normally the wind has changed by now from coming off the coast to a cool breeze blowing from the East.  There were still three divisions out today with the cut at 7-14, 15-18 and 19 plus and with the course still improving and the fairways in a very good condition surprisingly the best score of the day came in Division 1 with Chris Voller winning with 35 points.  Wilf Latham took second six points behind after beating Ted Gardner on a 16/14 back nine count back.

Walter Weber topped Division 3 with 34 points, Rod Howett was second on 32 and Iain Walsh placed third with 28.

Back from Switzerland, Volker Suhr with 33 points won division 2 ahead of Ian Plummer one point behind and Jerry Sweetnam was third with a meager 31.

Keeping it in the family, Verana Suhr won the ladies division, beating Jill Howard and Herma Fitzgerald.  They are all looking forward for a re match soon.

Near pins today went to Alan Hansen, Tony Kay, Marty Rock, David Stewart, Bob Poole and Walter Weber.

Frank Kelly and David Stewart birdied the 3rd in Division 1 to share the three rollovers in this league and with no winners in division 2 there are three pots rolled over to next Friday here.

There are 22 teams already signed up for the two-person scramble here on New Year’s Eve and there are still a few places open.