Stuart Banks and Bob Edwards on fire

George, Stuart, Dave & Jonathan.
George, Stuart, Dave & Jonathan.

PSC Golf from SIAM Country Resort Pattaya

Tuesday 28th January 2020 Eastern Star Stableford

On Tuesday 28th January 2020 we went with 6 groups to Eastern Star. This was the biggest turnout we’ve ever had, due in part to a big group of Australian visitors. The weather was nice today with sun and a nice breeze. The course was in good condition and we all enjoyed playing here.

It was Stuart Banks’ day. He wanted to show us his good condition and played a very consistent round of golf and won with 43 Stableford points. Dave Smith, also in good form, finished second with a fine 40 Stableford points. Third was Jonathan Pratt with 35 Stableford points and fourth George Gamble with 33 Stableford points.

The near pins went to Dave Smith, Jonathan Pratt and Sam Gettinby.

Thursday the 30th January Crystal Bay Stableford

On Thursday the 30th January our group went to Crystal Bay, where we played the A & C loop with 4 flights. It was a nice and sunny day again with a nice freshening breeze. The course was in good condition, but we had problems with the greens, especially the greens on the C-loop which were very slow. This was a problem for most of us.

However, Bob Edwards didn’t have much trouble with the greens. He played a solid round and won with 41 Stableford points. Second was John Feeney with 40 points. Third was Paul Davies with 39 points and fourth Jonathan Pratt with 37.

The near pins went to Dave Smith, Jonathan Pratt, Bob Edwards and Rosaleen Garvey.

Paul, Bob & Jonathan.
Paul, Bob & Jonathan.



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