Steve & Ian win Birthday Cup by one


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, May 14, Khao Kheow – Stableford

This was in fact the fourth Bob Lindborg Birthday Cup which started at Burapha in 2009.  It is currently the only better-ball tournament that the Outback stage (apart from the hidden pairs) and makes a welcome change from the individual events.

A great field of 41 players, we’ll explain later how that works, turned up a rather tired looking Khao Kheow course to play the B & C nines (yellow tees), which were far from the condition that we would expect but nevertheless we played “winter rules” which did give relief from many of the indifferent lies on the fairways.  The weather was absolutely splendid throughout although the breeze did seem to fade away on the back nine.

Steve Milne accepts the winning pair’s trophy from Bob and on behalf also of his playing partner, Ian Heddle. Steve Milne accepts the winning pair’s trophy from Bob and on behalf also of his playing partner, Ian Heddle.

So 41 players in a pairs event, easy, you have a swinger who plays for two teams and you stick a five-ball near the back of the field and you can still get round in a reasonable time.  On this occasion, Suzi was our swinger.

You may have thought you’d be in with a chance of a place with 40pts but only On & Lloyd Owen were lucky enough by virtue of their better back nine which gave them sixth place; the other four teams all with 40pts as well, had to settle for joint seventh and no podium place.  Paul Squibb & Barry McIntosh were fifth on count back with 42, beaten by the father and son pairing of Doug & Patrick Douglas.  Two more pairings shared 44pts, Muzza & Sugar edging out Bourkey & Tubz; with the top spot and trophy going to Steve Milne & Ian Heddle with a fantastic 45pts.

At presentation General Jack thanked Bob Lindborg for the day and for the spread of food for all the participants and friends and also the 500 Baht near pin vouchers.  Both Bob & Chris Davisson particularly enjoyed their day partnering their respective caddies from Khao Kheow and Siam.

Near Pins were won by; Patrick Douglas (B3), Barry McIntosh (B8), Mick Moore (C3) and Dave Edwards (C8).

Thanks again for the day Bob and Happy Birthday!

1st Ian Heddle & Steve Milne 45pts

2nd Murray Hart & Sugar Ray Handford 44pts

3rd Paul Bourke & Mark McDonald 44pts

4th Doug Douglas & Patrick Douglas 42pts

5th Paul Squibb & Barry McIntosh 42pts

6th On Lloyd & Owen Lloyd 40pts

Tuesday, May 15, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

On this fine Tuesday morning there were just 10 Outbackers who arrived at an almost deserted course.  We welcomed Bill Scowen returning to golf after a lengthy lay off.  Those 10 did find the challenge of playing the front 9 twice enjoyable – for the men it was white tees on the first 9 and blue on the second – although it has to be said that on some of the holes the difference is minimal.

The three ladies played in their own competition from the red tees – the winner was former caddy Laong (21) with the top score of the day of 36 points and with another lady taking second, Orn with 35; the men can breathe a sigh relief again that the ladies have their own tournament here for the foreseeable future.

For the men once again it was Terry Marney (27) in pole, with a dare I say it, almost shameful, 30 points, beating the Outback’s Turnip aka Dennis Persson (16), with only 29!

What can be written about the other five also-rans?

Work is well under way on the back nine with many tees, fairways and greens being dug up!  However, the Outback will continue to play at PCC on a Tuesday 9am. – playing the front nine twice whilst there is the support from the regular Outbackers.


1st Laong Gatepratum (21) 36pts

2nd Orn Kanasaengsri (14) 35pts


1st Terry Marney (27) 30pts

2nd Dennis Persson (17) 29pts

Tuesday, May 15, Laem Chabang C&A – Stableford

16 Outbackers travelled to Laem Chabang for our normal Tuesday outing on a lovely sunny Thailand day with a gentle breeze to help keep the temperature down.  We played C and A, as B is still closed for renovations.  Both courses were in great condition and the greens were first class and fast.

With Tuesday being a sports day it appears that more and more of Pattaya’s golfers are migrating to Laem Chabang and consequently the course is heavily booked and unfortunately even though the marshals are all out and trying to get groups moving we still had a five hour round.

We only had one division with four places plus the ‘2’s.

The winner for the day was a new member Jon Gruber with 37 points on his 20 handicap from in second place, Ken Davidson with 36 points also on a 20 handicap; Robert Barnes (13) showed some form at last with 35 points, to take third place from Khalid (16) with 34 to take fourth.

We say goodbye to Khalid who was on his way to the airport after his round today and also to Kevin and Ken who both leave later this week.

There were three ‘2’s, all on hole C5; from Khalid, Gordon Etheridge & Barry McIntosh.

1st Jon Gruber (20) 37pts

2nd Ken Davidson (20) 36pts

3rd Robert Barnes (13) 35pts

4th Khalid (16) 34pts

Wednesday, May 16, The Emerald – Stableford

13 Outbackers travelled today to Emerald but only 11 people played in the competition as the two mates of Oscar’s, Mark & Rob didn’t have proper handicaps and just turned up for a hit.

With an overcast day we teed off ten minutes early, the course was in good condition except the greens which had unfortunately had recently been cored and sanded; but even so they read true and some were faster than expected.

Great value for money and the course condition makes Emerald another future date on our calendar.

Sugar topped the day with his 36pts just beating his good buddy, Muzza on 35 with our day’s organiser, Suzi, back in third with a creditable 33pts.

Finally, welcome to Oscar Sheehan and his friends’ Mark & Rob, who only decided to play late last night whilst in Rosco’s “Good Everything Bar” in Second Road.

There were three ‘2’s; Suzi Lawton (7th), Mike Gibb (13th) & Steve Plant (15th).

1st Sugar Ray Handford (19) 36pts

2nd Murray Hart (14) 35pts

3rd Suzi Lawton (18) 33pts

Wednesday, May 16, Siam Plantation A&B – Stableford

15 Outbackers went to Siam Plantation to play Suger Cane and Tapioca courses.  The course had copped the storm that hit Pattaya the previous night and they had lost a large number of trees but the course itself was in great condition and full credit to the ground staff for fixing the wash-aways in the bunkers and clearing debris from the course before we hit off.

The greens were flat and fast and very receptive to good shots as a result of the previous nights rain but only one golfer took advantage of the great course and conditions to record a very good score.  Pace of play was very good considering how heavily booked the course was and our groups all finished in just over 4 hours.

One division plus the ‘2’s with the winner being Paul Bourke (9) with a great score of 42 points, subsequently reduced to a new playing handicap of 7; from in second place, Steve Reece (14) with 36 points, with course member Chris Davisson (10) on 34 points taking third from Greg Hill (19) countback.

We will be back here on Wednesday 30th May at the later time of 11.56.

There were two ‘2’s from Paul Bourke (A3) and Jon Gruber (B3).

1st Paul Bourke (9) 42pts

2nd Steve Reece (14) 35pts

3rd Chris Davisson (10) 34pts

4th Greg Hill (19) 34pts

Friday, May 18, Green Valley – Stableford

31 Outbackers played Green Valley on an overcast and cool day with the threat of rain on the horizon but luckily the rain held off apart from a couple of light showers and a breeze blew all day and kept things reasonably cool which turned out to be, just a good day for golf.

Green Valley has had plenty of rain over the last week, so much so, we received a phone call, late on Thursday, saying that carts would not be allowed on Friday.  However, after a couple of hastily organised contingency plans, Green Valley said they would call us at 8am on Friday morning with an update.  True as their word they did, and carts were to be allowed using the 90 deg rule.

The course was found to be in great condition with great fairways and flat and fast greens; although some previous cart damage could be seen in places and some bunkers were still under water but most were playable.  Thank you Green Valley management for your co-operation.

We played 3 divisions with 3 places in each division plus the’2’s.

Top score of the day was Carl Luke’s 39pts giving him the Div C win from three guys all tied on 36; Sugar Ray, Mick Moore and Ed Horrocks, finishing at that order after count back.

Mark McDonald shot an excellent gross 73 (38pts) to win Div A from Sel Wegner (37) and Andy Butterworth on 34, having beaten Peter Daff, also on count back.

For some strange reason Div B did not fare so well, as he best score they could muster was a lowly 33 from John O’Keefe, who wasn’t in the bar at presentation but would hardly have expected to have won with that score.  Second was Muzza (32) who beat Steve Reece also on 32; Steve was having his last game with us for a while so farewell to him, as was Patrick Douglas and the same goes for him.

There were seven ‘2’s; Suzi Lawton (4th), Paul Bourke, Sel Wegner & Steve Milne (12th) and Steve Mann, Mark McDonald & Ed Horrocks (16th).

Div A (0-13)

1st Mark McDonald (3) 38pts

2nd Sel Wegner (13) 37pts

3rd Andy Butterworth (12) 34pts

Div B (14-17)

1st John O’Keefe (16) 33pts

2nd Murray Hart (14) 32pts

3rd Steve Reece (14) 32pts

Div C (18+)

1st Carl Luke (18) 39pts

2nd Sugar Ray Handford (19) 36pts

3rd Mick Moore (23) 36pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or call Jack on 087 941 2474.