Stapleton & Wilks shine at Crystal Bay


Golf from The Growling Swan

Monday, Jan. 16, Silky Oak – Stableford


A-Flight (0-21)

1st Keith Buchanan (17) 33pts

2nd Alex Field (15) 30pts

3rd Bill Stienmann (10) 29pts


B-Flight (22+)

1st Andy Zwart (26) 39pts

2nd John Coetzee (23) 38pts

3rd Colin Stielow (27) 35pts


Near Pins: Martin Kempton, Jim Carlson, Bill Steinmann, Jim Carlson.

Long Putts: John Coetzee, Bill Steinmann.


Two busloads and a few cars left the Growling Swan in high spirits as the weather looked promising despite constant rain overnight.  The challenge of taking on Silky Oak was ahead.

The course was in good condition but it was a shame the scores did not reflect this.  Silky Oak is a delight to play with its generous fairways and water carrying hazards, strategically placed but still offering the golfer plenty of scope to hit the fairways.

Today’s event gave us 2 divisions and Keith Buchanan took out A Flight with a score that I am sure that he would have thought would not have got him there.  Alex Field came in second three points behind and Bill Steinmann filled third spot.

In B Flight, Andy Zwart returned with the score of the day followed by John Coetzee only 1 point in arrears.  Colin Steilow continued in his recent good form to take third place on the podium.

Keith Buchanan & Andy Zwart.
Keith Buchanan & Andy Zwart.

Thursday, Jan. 19, Crystal Bay – Stableford


A Flight (0-18)

1st Mark Stapleton (18) 42pts

2nd Colm Lawlor (15) 41pts

3rd Mashi Kaneta (16) 40pts


B Flight (19-36)

1st Mick Wilks (27) 41pts

2nd Shane Young (27) 37pts

3rd Allan Ray (28) 35pts


Near Pins: JJ Harney (2), James O’Sullivan

Long Putts: Glenn Smith, Shane Young

Mark Stapleton & Mick Wilks.
Mark Stapleton & Mick Wilks.

A group of 24 golfers chose to take on Crystal Bay on this fine Pattaya morning.  According to all reports the track was in fine nick with plenty of run and the greens played true.  More importantly, there was no threat of rain.

The weather was hot, however a stiff breeze granted all some welcome relief from the heat.  We played B & C nines from the yellow tees, which (as we knew) usually produce some good scores.

A Flight saw ‘The Viper’ Mark Stapleton return the best score of the day with a very good total of 42 points, followed closely by Colm Lawlor and Mashi Kaneta.

B Flight had another great score returned by ‘The Bear’ Mick Wilks, coming in with his best score at The Swan, 41pts.  Second was Shane Young (a few shots behind) with Allan Ray filling third spot.