Stafford still in good form, takes the win at Crystal Bay


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Feb. 7, Burapha – Stableford

Forty Outbackers at Burapha today, with a two-tee start on the C and D loops, we had an early start but poor old Roy Studds and his caddy were getting dizzy going from the first on C then to the first on D, and then back again then back to D then back again to C…. sorry Roy. 

With both Steve and Jack a bit crook, two tee starts don’t work too good when you only have one fella to put it together.  In saying all that, it was a truly great day, the course was in tremendous condition and the greens were lightning fast, causing the Capt’ to have his fair share of three putts.  I think it has been mentioned in the Capt’s column before but if you have not been “Lumpyed” on a golf course it is time you were, early to bed tonight Bob.

(From left to right): Vin Connellan, Colin Oliver, Jan Thorsberg, Murray Hart, Doug Campbell, Rick Forrest and Sid Ottaway. (From left to right): Vin Connellan, Colin Oliver, Jan Thorsberg, Murray Hart, Doug Campbell, Rick Forrest and Sid Ottaway.

Pat’s Irish mates were back with us today, one of them getting a free green fee for next week in the lucky draw, as did John Stafford.  There were no really good scores out there today apart from Pat Regan’s 40 points, which won Div A by five from Gez Tracey and Kim Stokes’ 39, which won him Div B by the same margin from John Locke.  Newcomer to the Outback, Jerry McCarthy, landed Div C with his 38, also a comfortable margin ahead of two on 34, Colin Oliver and Greg Hill.

There were just three ‘2’s from Frank O’Hara, Pat Regan & Fred Land.

Div A (0-12)

1st Patrick Regan (10) 40pts

2nd Gez Tracey (12) 35pts

3rd John Cunningham (7) 34pts

4th Neil Lavery (12) 34pts

Div B (13-16)

1st Kim Stokes (16) 39pts

2nd John Locke (15) 34pts

3rd Tony McDonough (14) 32pts

4th Murray Hart (13) 32pts

Div C (17+)

1st Jerry McCarthy (17) 38pts

2nd Colin Oliver (18) 34pts

3rd Greg Hill (26) 34pts

4th John Stafford (20) 33pts

Tuesday, Feb. 8, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

The 26 Outbackers here this morning were greeted with a bit of a surprise on the course, after the heavy overnight rain filled most of the bunkers to the brim and carts were only of restricted use, which is quite unusual for PCC.  We even heard reports of a golfer trying to play out of a bunker with his ball lying under water, needless to say he didn’t get it out, but he could have taken a drop in the bunker!

Chad did an excellent job again, organising the troops but the best score his four-ball could muster was 26 points; must be something to with the company he keeps – yesterday Capt’ Bob was “Lumpy’d” today Chad was “Lawton’d”!

Mike Allidi returned to play with us after an absence of more than a year but his winning streak continued, notching up his fourth win in a row with the Outback on this course.  Today he had 39 points (71 gross).  His previous wins came with gross scores of 68, 74 and 72 – maybe he likes the course.

Alan Whittingham, whose game is coming together at last, took second with an excellent 38 points ahead of John Locke, a long way back in third with 32.

Div B went to Arthur Bailey, who won with a mere 33 points ahead of Jinjo O’Neill (32) and Chris Thompson (31), who was having his last game with us for a few months as he returns to Aus.

There were three ‘2’s from David Day, Doug Chalkley and Mike Allidi.

Div A (0-18)

1st Mike Allidi (2) 39pts

2nd Alan Whittingham (16) 38pts

3rd John Locke (15) 32pts

Div B (19+)

1st Arthur Bailey (24) 33pts

2nd Martin O’ Neill (30) 32pts

3rd Chris Thompson (26) 31pts

Wednesday, Feb. 9, Crystal Bay – Stableford

Twenty-eight Outbackers headed out to Crystal Bay with directions from Capt’ Bob, who was off to Royal Hills on course inspection duty, as to the best and quickest way to get there; unfortunately some got lost but eventually found their way to the course.

The course was very busy and the B & C nines were open for the day; it was in good condition and the greens were flat and fast.  We played from the white markers, which was a fair test for all golfers.

Bernie Stafford continued his good form with 40 points which won Div A from Owen Walkley on 38, who is also playing well.  Div B went to the continually improving Gus George with 38 points, from Mike Jefferies on 37; these two being well ahead of the rest led by David Davies and Bob Lindborg, both on 29.

There were five ‘2’s from John Locke, Bernie Stafford, Steve Milne, Paul Greenaway and Murray Hart.

Div A (0-14)

1st Bernie Stafford (14) 40pts

2nd Owen Walkley (12) 38pts

3rd Paul Greenaway (10) 35pts

4th Tony McDonough (14) 34pts

Div B (15+)

1st Garry George (25) 38pts

2nd Michael Jeffreys (17) 37pts

3rd David Davies (24) 29pts

4th Bob Lindborg (19) 29pts

Friday, Feb. 11, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Fifty-five Outbackers travelled to Khao Kheow to take on the C and A courses; unfortunately it appeared that the rest of Thailand were there also, as there was a shortage of carts and caddies, but thankfully the staff finally found enough caddies and those Outbackers with single carts, generously shared, so that all were accommodated.

The course itself was in great condition with the greens a little slower than last week and it was a good test off the real yellow tees again at last, after a few weeks with the tees well forward.

The course again was the winner with the best score of the day being 37 points, coming from Sid Ottaway, who said that everything went well for him out there today and usually it doesn’t.  So he won Div D quite convincingly as the second placed man, Gus George had 31.

The Irish guys finally came good with Vin Connellan taking Div A on 36 points, ahead of the day’s organiser, Steve Mann with 35, and Peter Ennis back in third on 34.  Div B was won by Murray Hart on 36 points after a count-back with Doug Campbell;  and Colin Oliver, nearing the end of his stay here, finished in style to win Div C with 33 points, one in front of the local course specialist, Sugar Ray, on 32.

There were eight ‘2’s from Steve Plant, Doug Douglas, Tony McDonough, John Kendall and two each to playing partners, Doug Campbell and Jan Thorsberg on the same two Par ‘3’s.

Div A (0-12)

1st Vin Connellan (12) 36pts

2nd Steve Mann (8) 35pts

3rd Peter Ennis (12) 34pts

4th James Brackett (8) 34pts

Div B (13-15)

1st Murray Hart (13) 36pts

2nd Doug Campbell (15) 36pts

3rd Jum Karagit (14) 34pts

4th Steven Budrys (14) 33pts

Div C (16-19)

1st Colin Oliver (18) 33pts

2nd Sugar Ray Handford (16) 32pts

3rd Rick Forrest (19) 31pts

4th Doug Douglas (19) 30pts

Div D (20+)

1st Sid Ottaway (23) 37pts

2nd Garry George (25) 31pts

3rd Eldridge Suggs (20) 29pts

4th John Stafford (20) 29pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country. All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit.  Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.